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  • Published: Feb 5th, 2011
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Hackers entered into Nasdaq’s computers


SAO PAULO – U.S. authorities are investigating network intrusions responsible for the actions of Nasdaq, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

The invasion did not affect the trading platform, responsible for executing the investments, but it is believed that other areas of the network were accessed, the report said. ”So far it seems they are only looking around,” said one person involved with the Nasdaq to WSJ.

There are reports on investigations undertaken by the Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) last year. Among the reasons for investigations are emphasized “national security”, “personal gains” and “theft of information on actions.”

No information about the trail of the attackers, but people connected to the issue indicate evidence of Russia. However, hackers can use to Russia only as a conduit for attacks, hiding their real location.

Representatives of the Nasdaq did not comment the case.

One Million Facebook Active Email List

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  • Published: Feb 4th, 2011
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WikiLeaks is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize


Known for leaking classified information that must reach the public eye, the WikiLeaks site was nominated today for the Nobel Peace Prize. According to the nominator, who curiously chose to quote the site as a candidate instead of its founder Julian Assange the WikiLeaks was chosen to have an important role in the freedom of expression in today’s society, and have helped bring down corrupt governments like Tunisia .

The site was named by Snorre Valen Norwegian politician, member of the Socialist Party of the Left. Despite the judging committee of the Organization Nobel advise against disclosure of names of potential candidates prizes, there is no specific rule about it. The official announcement of the winners usually happens in early October.

If the prize winner, the first will be the WikiLeaks site in the world to receive this honor, who was previously restricted to fixed-based organizations and individuals with outstanding work. The name of the site for information leakage world’s most famous will then appear alongside Americans like Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and Barack Obama and organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross, among dozens more.

Facebook attract new users every 8 seconds

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“You can not make 500 million a few friends without creating enemies.” It is more or less this way that the producers of The Social Network promoted the film in movie trailers. It’s pretty out there: there are millions of new users every month. So many people that a Czech company did the calculations on Facebook.

Considering that the growth of social networking last year was 337 million users to 585 million by the end of the year, the average is 7.9 we have new records per second.Nearly eight new inhabitants of the world by Mark Zuckerberg, which equates to 474 new users per minute or 28,440 per hour.

There were 682 000 new users per day, averaged over that company.

Other data realize that the vast majority of social network users are between 18 and 24 years. However, are the elderly (over 65 years) the fastest growing in FB: increase of 124% last year. Just missing my grandmother create an account there, by the way …

When it comes to marketing, we have a list of companies hottest social networking.The champion is the Coca-Cola (I wonder why?), Followed by Starbucks and Oreo. I know that both Coke and Starbucks have a strong activity on Facebook, but I did not know what the Oreo is doing this to gain prominence throughout.

Google introduces new Android Market, is to click the computer and install on your phone

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You always wanted to do this: pick an application while you’re at your computer and immediately begin to download to your mobile device you carry. No links, no QR Codes, nothing. Now it is possible for anyone who has a phone running Android. Yes, Google has a leg up on competition and was the first to launch this feature.

The announcement of the new functionality was done on Wednesday, at the same event in which the purchases were made in-app. So that everything works according to plan, the company has redesigned the Android Market. The web version of the app store Google finally deserves its access

For starters, a new design. It was time that the site of the Android Market for the love of God shouted for someone to give her a new dress. The new layout is much nicer, with quick filtering by categories and the most downloaded applications (the free and paid).Roundabouts also featured help highlight the best that is present at the Market, for those who do not know what you want to download.

After choosing the one application that deserves to be installed directly on your smartphone, just click the Install button. A balloon displays all devices that are currently linked to their Google Account. After choosing one of them, bang!, The application starts to be downloaded almost instantly on the phone.

I auditioned and I’m impressed. I went into the Android Market, chose Advanced Task Killer application and sent it to install it on Motorola Milestone 2. Less than a minute later (30 seconds, well told), there was the app is downloaded and then installed in the machine. Very easy.

If you own a phone with Android, its technology is due to enter the Android Market right now to test this new feature that is just phenomenal.

This is Google listening to our requests on a platform so important. Not enough to invent the remote installation of applications on Android, the company used to include videos in the application pages (which should help in deciding whether to buy or not).

Another novelty of the Market is that developers may provide application-specific prices for different currencies. Soon, a developer who charges $ 5 for an application will be charged 5 dollars for this same software to consumers in Brazil (you know, our purchasing power is lower than the U.S.). Who does not like, will have the option of making automatic conversion before you pay for the application.

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