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50,000 Unique Facebook Email Ids

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This time i am posting 50,000 unique facebook email ids.


Orkut communities will undergo major changes

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Starting next week, by all indications, the Orkut Communities will undergo a complete transformation. This change will include a new design, new name and new content. As everyone knows, we have the new version of Orkut for some time and this will also happen in communities.

Some of the changes:

01 – Increase the characters and put the html support (videos and pictures)
02 – Have the option to edit topics or feedback (poster, a moderator, and owner coop)
03 – Empowering action to cooproprietário (equal to moderators)
04 – Have the option of supender members for 3, 7, 15 days
05 – Have a list of suspended and expelled in the community made by each moderator (mod X suspended or banned member Y)
06 – Rename community only every 90 days or 180 days or only
with requests from members. Ex: a low-signed (see some games eg for FIFA 2010 FIFA 2011)
07 – Owning a cmm unclaimed after 30 or 60 days to participate in the same
08 – Transfer of community only VIA SMS with the code sent to cel registered in the owner’s email
09 – Topics are hidden, accessible only by moderators
10 – Enable the cleanup of trash and spam, but made only by the developer cmm.

Examples of community:

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