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Facebook exceeds half the number of visitors to Orkut in Brazil

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Facebook, the world’s largest social network, has reached an important milestone in February 2011. In the second month of the year, the site had 17.92 million unique visitors in Brazil, and first exceeded half of the hits leader’s Orkut, Google. The network of choice for Brazilians ended the month with 32.41 million hits, according to data published in this Thursday (31) the daily O Estado de S. Paulo “.

Facebook ended 2010 with 12.3 million unique visitors, an increase of 45.5% in the year. Over the past six months, the hearing site created by American Mark Zuckerberg shot 65.7% in the country. In the same period, Orkut rose 2.85%.

ComScore audience measurement based on users with more than 6 years. The company takes into account both private and corporate, in companies. Data were collected from 45.23 million users.

In July 2010, Facebook reached the milestone of 500 million registered users worldwide, a five times higher than the 100 million registered on Orkut. The site of Google remains the most popular in just two countries: Brazil and India.

Google +1, the long awaited Google Me is in the air

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Google announced on Wednesday the launch of a new social layer in Google search that offers users the ability to recommend content directly in search results, or via buttons that may be added to websites and blogs on the web.

Formerly known as “Google Me, Google +1 is the final version of a project led by Sergey Brin that aimed to bring an Internet search engine leader’s own social order of recommendation that might contribute to the improvement of qualification of sites. Until now, Google Social Search, responsible for managing this task was almost entirely based on third party services, including Twitter, Flickr and LinkedIn.

“Our goal at Google is to get you the most relevant results as quickly as possible. But relevance is linked to relationships, as well as words on web pages, “said Rob Spiro, Product Manager. “Today we have advanced a step further, allowing recommendations to share with the world directly from the Google results.”

+1 Google, which has essentially the meaning of “this is really cool,” is the gateway to Mountain View to re-establish a closer connection with their users and a way to obtain their preferences, in other words, a direct response Facebook and Twitter for a long time that has been collecting information of relevance of the content on the Internet.

The operation of the new feature is relatively simple. Upon activation of the +1 through Google Experimental search results from Google Search (currently only the U.S. version) will now display an additional button next to search results. With one click, the recommendation is automatically posted on Google Profile indicated to friends and social circle for each user. Know your social circle .

Sites and blogs, the Google button +1 have very similar functionality to the search results, allowing readers to contribute to the sharing of information and give prominence to external information. On the other hand, web publishers may see an increase in traffic to their websites, a feedback effect which will be composed mainly by the statements made within its pages.

Now, however, the external button +1 Google is not yet active. If you are interested in adding to your project, Google recommends that you make the entry on that page and wait for the official launch.The forecast for the premiere of the button is to only happen in the coming weeks, which is a little discouraging.

“For social research, we use many signs to identify the most useful recommendations, including items shared with people through Google. Therefore, it can also incorporate other signs, such as their links on sites like Twitter, to ensure their recommendations are as relevant as possible, “the company said.

You probably remember that Google recently opened the possibility to import data from Delicious to Google Bookmarks. A synchronization of this database – a basis of content made especially interesting – it was certainly one of the pillars for a thorough analysis of the service and verify the operation of recommendations during the Dogfood.


For those who like rumors, +1 is a great feature for the birth of a new social network, which would give Google the same power of Facebook to make a connection with thousands of content sites. In the case of Google’s own services, it would be interesting to see an integration with Orkut and Google Reader Further, reducing fragmentation of services and to share a unification between the products. – the most trusted provider of SEO Reports

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Petty traders hack into bank accounts

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New Delhi, March 28 (IANS) Three people have been arrested for hacking at least 14 bank accounts of Rs.8 lakh to pay around 150 people’s electricity bills, police said Monday.

‘Anil Jain, Suresh Khandelwal and Rakesh Roshan were held Sunday from Gandhi Nagar area in east Delhi,’ said Deputy Commissioner of Police O.P. Mishra. Another member of the gang, Pritam Mishra, is absconding.

The three were held after HDFC Bank registered a complaint that a few people had fraudulently acquired data of customers and made some unauthorised payments of electricity bills and other payments through internet banking.

During investigations, police found that that someone had obtained the data of account holders by phishing, or fraudulently obtaining secret details through a fake website resembling the original.

During interrogation, the three accused were found to paid bills from the bank accounts they had hacked.

‘Around Rs.8 lakh was withdrawn from 14 customers of the bank to deposited bills of about 150 consumers. The gang has also duped the customers of other banks by depositing the bills and other payments of recharging of mobile phones,’ added Mishra.

‘After verification from the details of the consumers of BSES, whose payments were made by the accused, and from the data of bank officials, Jain was first held followed by Khandelwal and Roshan,’ said Mishra.


Social networking ‘Google Circles’ can be launched in May, or not

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Last Sunday, the rumor that Google was preparing to launch a social networking site called ‘Google Circles’ took over the internet. Everything seems to have started with the siteReadWriteWeb saying that the news would be launched at South by Southwest (SXSW) conference and a festival of music, movies and interactivity held in Austin, Texas, 11-20 March.How the Internet is nothing to nobody, information was soon end up in other sites and technology blogs. However, the same day, Chris Messina told a reporter for the All Things Digital “do not know what they were talking about.” Messina is not anyone at Google, he is a lawyer and developer, and advises the team of Google products in various social issues.

According to Business Insider , which also reflected the rumor Sunday, the confusion about the existence of ‘Google Circles’ took great proportions when the publisher Tim O’Reilly, founder of O’Reilly Media, posted one saying he had seen Tuite the new social network by Google. In its 140 characters, he said that ‘Google Circles’ was something “amazing”, just “the tip of the iceberg.” Later, Tim O’Reilly said he had seen were some research time.

True or not, the point is that the rumor remains strong. On Monday, the Web site The Next Web , who had written an article about the rumored ‘Google Circles’ published a text in which he says that social networking will be released in May. On Friday, the very The Next Web has already signaled that a new development was expected in May, in the event of developers from Google, Google I / O, scheduled for 10th and May 11th. Chamade de’Google Me ‘by the site, the novelty, in reality (you guessed it), would be that’ Google Circles’.

In September, Google CEO Eric Schmidt reportedly said, still according to The Next Web , which Google products become more social, but little has been seen in that direction. However, if Google gives continuity to the tradition of big launches in its conference, as noted by the site, something new must emerge in May. There are two years, was the Wave last year, Google was the TV, this year, is waiting to see if there is a ‘Google Circles’ indeed. The social network, if it exists, will offer photo service, video sharing and status messages. “All users share will be shared in circles in circles the most appropriate, in accordance with their social contacts in life, not with all your contacts in mass,” explained


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