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See the first impressions of the Samsung 9 Series notebook

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The Samsung unveiled on Tuesday (31) the ultrathin notebook series 9 that will come to Brazil next week for $ 5000.

Check out the first impressions of the new product from South Korean manufacturer:

Not only is the light that stands out in this model, but the balance. Weighing well organized, the effect of “seesaw”, where one side is heavier than the other, is greatly minimized in the Series 9.

With 13.3-inch wide screen, the notebook has a good size to work. Not too small to cause visual discomfort, no big man about to be cumbersome to carry or store. His spaced keys provide good typing and reduces the chance of typing a wrong key.

The USB ports, HDMI, slot for microSD memory card and the headphone output to get an enclosure with retractable, built-in when not in use and easily exposed when needed.

The touch pad responds well to the touch and offers good tactile feedback, leaving the cursor to go fast or too slow.

When playing for a few seconds the power button it goes into standby mode and back very quickly to the operational mode.

Available in black with brushed and bright interior trim, leaves many fingerprint marks all over the body of the notebook. Made of duralumin, material used in aircraft and cars, it looks robust equipment.


“Follow me good!”Says actor Chapolin debut on Twitter

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With his classic phrase, “Follow me good!”, The Mexican comedian Roberto Gomez Bolaños, creator of the famous characters and Chaves Chapolin Colorado, debuted on Twitter, accumulating hundreds of thousands of followers in a few hours.

On the evening of Monday (30), Chespirito, also known as the comedian for 82 years, drew more than 327,000 followers – almost half of which is Mexican President Felipe Calderon – after posting his first message in Saturday.

“Hello I’m Chespirito. I’m 82 years old, and this is the first time able free.’m Debuting. Follow me good!” He said in Spanish, in your account ( @ ChespiritoRGB ).

Although Bolaños have stayed away from the attention in recent years, its programs, recorded between 1970 and 1995, are still displayed and the Televisa network in Mexico, currently produces an animated version. Through one of its main news, Televisa has certified the authenticity of the account of the comedian.

Chespirito The program is considered a phenomenon of Mexican television, which was dubbed into Portuguese and Russian, and Bolaños turned into an idol for millions of Latin Americans for several generations.


Intel creates new category to challenge tablet notebooks with thinner

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New generation of chips will offer more processing power.
First-class model ‘Ultrabook “was presented by Asustek.

Intel unveiled on Tuesday (31) a new category of notebooks, the company said, will have the best features of the tablets. The new generation of Intel chips will offer notebook a significant increase in processing power and battery life and generate new laptops thinner.

The maker Asustek Computer showed its first new class of “Ultrabook” created by Intel. The UX series was presented on Monday (30) at Computex in Taiwan. Intel said models from other manufacturers will be on sale by Christmas for $ 1000. The company anticipates that 40% of notebooks sold in 2012 will be “Ultrabooks.

The chips, previously codenamed “Ivy Bridge”, are the successors of the current “Sandy Bridge”. The new processors will allow PC manufacturers to create devices that can challenge the MacBook Air from Apple.

“You will be always on, always connected, with more sensitive apparatus, similar to what you see in the tablets today as the iPad,” said Tom Kilroy, senior vice president of Intel. This Tuesday (31), the vice president of Intel, Mooly Eden, called “Ultrabook” a different category of tablet PCs and notebooks.

Intel is eager to make laptops more appealing to consumers who are increasingly attracted by IPAD and other mobile devices. Intel processors are present in 80% of computers worldwide.However, Intel has so far failed to adapt their chips for smartphones and tablets.


Samsung’s ultra-thin notebook arrives in Brazil for $5000

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Samsung announced on Tuesday (31), an event in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the launch of the ultra-thin notebook “Series 9″, which hits stores starting next week.

With 13.3-inch screen, the notebook was developed in duralumin, a lighter material and two times stronger than aluminum. The Series 9 is 16.3 millimeters thick – the MacBook Air, Apple has 17 mm – and weighs 1.3 kg.

The notebook comes with smart sensors that recognize the environment in which the user is to use less light on the screen and keys on the computer. With that, the notebook uses less power and its battery can last up to 7 hours. The device also comes from hibernation in 3 seconds.

The Series 9 has an Intel Core i5 and second-generation 128 GB of storage. In addition, the notebook has no traditional hard drive. Computer memory comes in the form of chips. The unit also has USB 3.0 and HDMI, and 1.3 megapixel webcam.

U.S. Justice requires Twitter to break confidentiality of user data

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The U.S. courts have ordered the Twitter breaking the confidentiality of personal data of five users who posted messages microblog deemed defamatory against a group of politicians in the UK. This is the first time that Twitter passes data from its users for justice.

The British South Tyneside County filed a lawsuit against five Twitter users, one known as “Mr. Monkey,” which, according to British newspaper The Guardian since 2008 publishes messages, accusing them of voter fraud, drug use and use of public money at parties.

The legal action to try to discover the culprit was made by three politicians and a government official of the county: Ian Malcolm, Labour council leader, David Potts, former leader of the conservative group, Anne Walsh, a labor counselor, and Rick O ‘ Farrell, government official.They hired a U.S. law firm, McDermott Will & Emery, and filed a complaint in the Superior Court of California, San Mateo, where is the headquarters of Twitter, against “unknown persons”.

In court papers, they argued that “the defendant published false and defamatory statements illegally on several blogs.” Among the data that Twitter should release in case they are full name, address, email and location of the computer by IP address from where the messages.

Until now, Twitter had not provided the personal data of its users, although it maintains in its terms of use that the law would help in the event of a lawsuit. An executive of Twitter said it would not protect confidential information from users when the company was legally fired for releasing this information. The microblog said only warn the user that their confidentiality had been broken.

One of the accused is a director of South Tyneside, Ahmed Khan, the council suspect is “Mr. Monkey.” He, however, denies the accusation.

The lawyer network Bloomberg News said that the victory of the British group “means that users of social media to realize they can be penalized for the content they publish.”


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