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Foursquare surpassed 10 million users worldwide

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The social network-based geolocation Foursquare reached 10 million users worldwide.The service is the first of its kind to reach the mark.

Foursquare was launched in March 2009 and use this GPS in cell phones and smartphones to make its users “warn” the friends where they are.You can also discover new places and participate in a competition to see who wins the most points by visiting more places.


To commemorate the number of users, the Foursquare posted on its official blog a graph showing the growth of the service in just over two years.Among the figures released, Facebook says its users have already “checked in” as it is called the “notice” where the person is in over 169 countries.Have been made ??more than 354 million check-ins outside the United States.

804 weddings have been marked in parks and churches in 5321.About 1.061nascimentos babies were announced for the service.


Hackers attack and overthrow the British police site

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Lulz Security Group claimed responsibility for the attack.
Police are investigating whether there was identity theft.


Hackers temporarily overturned a police agency’s website British Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca), which fights organized crime in Britain and abroad.

The Lulz Security, activist group of hackers who claims to have overthrown the site on Monday Soca (20), attacked a long list of government and corporate sites in recent months.As in other cases, it is likely that a denial of service attack has occurred, through which hackers bombarded the site with so many messages that he is off the air.

“We are aware of allegations that the site was attacked Soca. The picture is not clear at this time but we are investigating the matter with our service provider,” said spokesman Richard Sellors Soca.

The Lulz also raided a site in the United States Senate and took responsibility for temporarily take down the CIA’s public Web site.

The word “Lulz” is derived from the phrase “laugh out loud” or “laughing out loud.”

The group called on his followers to invade and cause damage to government websites.

“The highest priority is to steal and leak classified information and government, including exchanges of emails and documents. The major targets are banks and other high-level,” he said in a statement on Sunday Lulz (19).


Facebook must pass Yahoo in the lead in online advertising

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The advertising revenue from Facebook in the United States will reach $ 2.2 billion in 2011, taking over Yahoo and snapping up the largest share of online ad market looks.

This recipe will give Facebook a market share of 17.7% in visual advertising on the Internet in the U.S., according to a report released Monday by research firm eMarketer.Last year, this figure was 12.2%.

The figures show the growing trend of Facebook, the largest social network in the world.The company saw its market value rise to about $ 80 billion of recent transactions of its shares in the private market and some investors anticipate that Facebook can make an initial public offering (IPO, its acronym in English) as early as next year.

Although Facebook has grabbed the lead, eMarketer analyst David Hallerman said the overall market for online advertising, including so-called banner ads, sponsorships and promotional videos for websites, is growing robustly as to benefit several companies.

“This is not a game with a score of zero,” Hallerman said, asserting that the market for visual advertisements on the Internet is registering a rapid growth as both large international and small local businesses are using the Web to reach consumers.

Internet companies like Yahoo, Google and Microsoft are competing for these advertisers, as new competitors, as the company’s collective buying Groupon offer alternatives for online dissemination.


Regulator approves creation of new Internet domains

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Initiative will change ‘. With’ generic domains by themselves.
Organization will begin accepting requests from January 2012.

Companies, cities and organizations can register their own generic domains on the Internet, following the decision taken on Monday (20) by ICANN, an international body regulating the Internet address.The initiative will allow domains ending with the company name or city, for example, instead of. “With”. “Net” or. “Org.”

The decision, considered a milestone in Internet history, was announced by ICANN in a statement issued after the meeting that its board of directors held in Singapore.During the meeting, 13 members voted for the measure, one against and two abstained.

“ICANN has opened the Internet’s addressing system to the limitless possibilities of human imagination. No one can predict where this historic decision will lead us,” said chairman and chief executive of the organization, Rod Beckstrom.

ICANN is the international organization responsible for assigning address space of the numerical Internet protocol (IP) addresses, protocol identifiers and functions of management of the names of generic top level domain (gTLD) and country code (ccTLD) as well as the administration of the root server system.

The organization will begin accepting applications for new application domains gTLD from January 2012.By the time we employ 22 gTLD domains and about 250 other national, as is the case. “Br” for Brazil and ‘. Uk’ for the UK.

Sega says that 1.3 million users have suffered cyber-attack

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The Japanese company Sega Corp. developer of video games.said on Sunday (19) to 1.3 million customers had their data overrun , the latest wave of cyber attacks against video game companies.

Names, birth dates, email addresses and encrypted passwords of network users were vulnerable Pass online Sega, Sega said in a statement, although payment information such as credit card numbers, were safe.The Sega Pass has been shut down.

‘Sorry to cause problems for our customers.We work to strengthen our security, “said Yoko Nagasawa, Sega spokesman, adding that it is not known when the company plans to restart the Sega Pass.

The attack on the Sega, a division of Sega Sammy Holdings software that makes games such as Sonic, follows other recent significant violations, including Citigroup, which said more than 360,000 accounts were hit in May and the IMF – International Monetary Fund.

The drama surrounding the recent spate of attacks on video games weakened when compared to what the manufacturer of the PlayStation, Sony Corp..then suffered two major attacks that took place in April.

During the attacks, were stolen account information of more than 100 million customers, making it the largest hacking to companies outside the financial industry.


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