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Sony confirms attack on the digital platform Movies

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Group says hackers stole more than a million passwords.
In April, the Japanese company suffered a major attack on the Playstation network.


Sony has suffered a new attack by hackers.This time, the affected branch was the platform of digital movies “ attack, which had already been claimed by the group “Lulz Security”, was confirmed in an official statement of the Japanese group on the night of Friday (3).

“Cybercrime which affected Sony and a number of government agencies, businesses and individuals during the last months also affected by Sony Pictures. A group of hackers called ‘LulzSec’ said to have invaded some of our sites,” says statement.

The attack happened on Thursday. The group of hackers announced that he had stolen more than a million passwords, IDs, email and other site data “Sony

In early April, groups of hackers stole data from more than 100 million users of its various departments. The main attack took place in the network of online games to the PlayStation .

In a statement this Friday, the company said it took steps to prevent future invasions.


Free Games return packet is now available on PSN

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Program ‘Welcome Back’ gives two games of PS3 and PSP.
Reason for ‘reward’ was a hacker attack that toppled PSN in April.


The package “Welcome Back,” made by Sony to give free games for users affected by hacker attack in April that brought down the network’s online PlayStation 3 and PSP, PlayStation Network (PSN), is now available in store PlayStation Store. Players can choose two PS3 games, two PSP and one month for the service PSPlus free.

According to the official PlayStation blog , to redeem those games, you must enter the PlayStation Store and select ‘Get a PS3 game. “Then a list with games that can be selected and to choose the title click on “Get Now”. The same must be done to get the other game on PS3 and PSP both.

If there are problems to download as many users have reported instability on the network due to excessive traffic, just go to the “Account management”, “Transaction Management” and “Services List”. In it, click the option to access the program again “Welcome Back” to “promotion SCEA – SCEA Regional Provider”.

The games can be purchased for users with regard to U.S. PSN until July 3.

The PlayStation 3 users may select two games from the list below:
Dead Nation
Super Stardust HD
Wipeout HD + Fury

Players of the PlayStation Portable (PSP) will have to choose from the following list:
LittleBigPlanet (PSP)
ModNation Racers
Pursuit Force
Killzone Liberation


Google CEO says the company has the financial discipline

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‘We spent wisely, “said Larry Page.
Google is down 16% financial.

Google spends its money wisely investing in projects that “speculative” as cars that drive themselves, said Chief Executive Larry Page in his speech longest since he took office two months ago.

“We’re very careful with the money of shareholders,” Page said at the annual meeting of shareholders of the company on Thursday. “We started out, remember, as a company garage, and we are very careful with our spending,” he said.

Google investments have been the focus of investors who worry that they may reduce the profit margins of the company. Page, who co-founded Google when I was a university for more than a decade, had a reputation to uphold ambitious projects with uncertain returns, such as scanning books from libraries.

The performance of Google’s share was below the market in 2010 and is down almost 16% since the company said in January that would replace Page Eric Schmidt as chief executive.

Page unnerved investors again to make his debut in office in April and talking for a few minutes before leaving a conference call following the company’s quarterly results.

Speaking to shareholders at Google’s headquarters on Thursday (2), Page gave a positive report on the progress of various Google business, such as smartphones with Android.

He said the company achieved a number of goals since the change in administration that put him in office, particularly in terms of accelerating the pace of operations of the company.

In reference to recent attacks on Gmail user accounts by the company revealed on Wednesday (1), Page said the incident did not result from a Google security flaw, but the theft of passwords.He said that the technology of cloud computing where Google is based on helping the company to detect the attacks and help the company improve its security.


Man is forced to apologize 100 times on Twitter

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The justice of Malaysia has forced a man to publish apologies in the 100 Twitter for three days for having publicly defamed a magazine publisher and social media.

Fahmi Fadzil, according to his biography on Twitter , is an artist and writer and will write a hundred times the phrase, in English, “” I’ve defamed Blu Inc Media & Female Magazine. My tweets on Their HR Policies are untrue. I hereby retract Those words & apologize “(” I slurred to Blu Inc Media & Female Magazine. My tweets on their HR policies are false. I want to retract those words and apologize “in Portuguese). On Thursday he was the “excuse” to 25.

The penalty is the result of a publication in Twitter made in January when Fadzil said a friend had been mistreated in the company he worked for the Blu Inc Media. According to the Associated Press, he would have apologized on microblogging minutes later, but the company sought legal means to punish Fadzil.

Fadzil has more than 4,500 followers, according to their publications on Twitter, is enjoying the sudden fame, responding to all who ask questions about the case. He hopes to publish the apology on last Saturday.



China denies accusations of hacking attack on Google Gmail

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Company said the e-mail has been hacked by Chinese hackers.
Hillary Clinton said that the complaints from Google are ‘very serious’.

Google’s claim that hackers in China have accessed thousands of Gmail accounts were denied by the Chinese government on Thursday (2). A spokesman for the government released a statement saying that Google’s attempt to blame China has ulterior motives.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the complaints from Google are “very serious”.“We are very concerned. These allegations are very serious, we take them seriously, and review,” said the head of U.S. diplomacy.

Asked at a news conference about the attack, the spokesman for the Chinese government said that the accusations are unacceptable. “Hacker attack is a global issue and China is also a victim,” said Hong Law “The accusation that the Chinese government supports this kind of activity is a baseless allegation,” he added.

Hong Law also said the Chinese government “is firmly opposed against any criminal activity on the Internet, including raids, and is ready to cooperate with the international community to combat them.”

Google unveiled on Wednesday (1) that unknown hackers, apparently coming from central China, tried to break into the accounts of hundreds of users of its system of e-mails , including top officials of the U.S. government, and Chinese activists journalists.

The company said on its official blog that hackers, apparently come from Jinan, China, recently tried to hack into accounts and monitor e-mails to steal your passwords, but Google has detected and “stopped” the attack. The company notified the victims and possibly affected governments, said the Google blog. Google’s play ended the session down 0.65% at.


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