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Facebook pays $ 40,000 to hackers who have found flaws in the social network

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Company launched three weeks ago rewards program. 
Hacker received $ 7,000 for six different vulnerabilities.

Facebook announced on Monday (29) who has paid more than $ 40 thousand to hackers found vulnerabilities in social networking. Three weeks ago, the company launched a program that rewards researchers who uncover flaws in the site. Until last Monday (29), a researcher has received $ 7,000 for six different vulnerabilities and other user earned $ 5,000 for a ” very good report, “the director of security at Facebook, Joe Sullivan.

Researchers have already received more than $ 40,000  for failure to site

Researchers have already received more than $ 40,000 for failure to site


“On the other hand, had to deal with false failures from people who were seeking publicity,” Sullivan wrote in the official Facebook blog . He did not elaborate, however, how many vulnerabilities were found in these three weeks. “We know and have relationships with a large number of security experts. However, the program initiated a dialogue with a new group of people around the world who are passionate about Internet safety, “Sullivan wrote. “The program has also been great because it has made ??our site more secure.” The program was launched in late July as a way to reward users who find and report flaws that could be exploited by malicious hackers. The developer who is “the first person to responsibly disclose” an error that may “compromise the integrity or privacy of Facebook users” may receive a reward, which starts at $ 500.

Facebook hired in June George Hotz , a famous hacker known as “GeoHot”, which was sued by Sony for its PlayStation 3 console hacking. He is considered the first person to have made ??public a way to hack the iPhone. Facebook did not say what his job in the company.

China will use more severe penalties against hackers

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Country reinforces combat with new rules come into force in September. 
claims that China is one of the biggest victims of hackers.

The Supreme Court and the prosecution of China will strengthen the fight against hackers adopting harsher penalties for people involved in this type of crime, state media reported the country on Monday (29).

Under rules that will apply from September 1, people who “knowingly buying, selling or covering up data or network access obtained illegally will be subject to criminal punishment,” said an official statement from the government, according to official agency Xinhua news.

China increases penalties for hackers who  commit attacks

China increases penalties for hackers who commit attacks


“Activities like these are becoming increasingly common, and even give rise to large platforms for online transactions. Penalize this type of transaction will break the chain of profits from cybercrime,” the statement added.

Although the United States claim that many hacker attacks originate in China against Chinese human rights groups and U.S. companies, the Chinese authorities claim that the country is one of the biggest victims of hacker attacks.

“A crime that endangers the security of information networks poses a threat not only network security but national security and public interest,” the news agency said, adding that the new rules were designed to suppress this type of crime more severely.

In 2009, more than 42 thousand Chinese websites have suffered “distortions” by the action of hackers, according to Xinhua.

Data from the Ministry of Public Security show that the number of viruses circulating on the Internet increased by 80% over the previous year for the past five years, according to Xinhua.The ministry also estimates that eight out of 10 Internet-connected computers are controlled by hackers.

In its annual report to Congress on Chinese military, presented Wednesday (24), the Pentagon warned that hacking attacks from China could be used for clandestine military, and not for simple data access attempts.

Last week, a video circulated on the internet about a report by Chinese state television as hacker attacks launched by armed forces, despite the constant negative of China on this type of activity.

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Samsung will launch its own messaging service for mobile phones

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‘Chaton’ arrives in September to Bada smartphones, Android and iOS 
Is it possible to chat with friends, upload pictures and contacts.

Samsung announced the launch of the service in September for the chat group for mobile phones and tablets “chaton”, similar to Blackberry Messenger, RIM. In addition the system Bada, Samsung’s own, the service will be launched to devices with Android, Google, and the iOS competitor, Apple.

The service will launch in 120 countries in 62 languages.

In equipment, and chat with friends in groups or individually, you can send photos, calendar appointments and contacts. Is it possible to leave comments on profile friends, send multimedia messages, combining text, images and audio and display a “ranking of interaction”, which will measure user activity in the service.

Service 'Chaton', Samsung's, arrives in  September

Service 'Chaton', Samsung's, arrives in September


In addition to allowing chat with friends anywhere through the apparatus, “Chaton” will have a web application that will allow the chat through PCs The company said the computers, the service lets you chat with a friend or just group, and share photos, videos, voice messages and contacts.

Google seeks more partnerships for TV service, said Eric Schmidt

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Chairman of the company says there are obstacles for Google TV. 
Google says that more partners will enter the field alongside Sony and Logitech.

Google has a “firm commitment” to its television service and expects to announce several new partners to it soon, said Eric Schmidt, chairman of the company, on Saturday (27).

Google TV, which allows users to combine television and web content to televisions, has received some rave reviews and has been blocked by the big U.S. networks when it was published in the United States in October 2011.

Google TV

Google TV


Schmidt told the Edinburgh TV Festival that obstacles to the product so far are in part due to a technical feature of televisions, consumers tend to replace only once every five years.

“We have a firm commitment to continue to improve Google TV,” he said, adding that new companies soon will join the current partners Sony and Logitech for the next version of the system. Logitech makes mice, speakers, webcams and keyboards for computers.

“I think the two will continue with us and many other partners that will arise. Expect an announcement soon,” he said.

Google has long harbors ambitions to expand its business in online advertising, which move U.S. $ 28 billion annually, the arena of television, which receives the lion’s share of advertising dollars in the world.

The company owns YouTube, the popular video site’s online world, but has not announced profits derived from this service since it bought in 2006.

Schmidt said in the lecture on Friday (26), which included the launch of Google TV in Europe for the start of next year.

On Saturday, he said Google had not yet settled their differences with the U.S. networks ABC, NBC and CBS, and hoped that the company did not find similar problems in the British launch of the service.

“We certainly talked to him about reverse its position, and hopefully something will not happen here,” he said, adding that Google was talking to British TV networks.

Like other sectors affected by the Internet, television in general Google suspicion, fearing that the company capture advertising revenue without adding to the heavy cost of programming.

Google argues that the Internet can expand the general advertising market by offering more targeted and effective ads, which encourage companies to invest more in advertising.

Apple cancels rental service episodes of series on iTunes

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Series could be rented for $ 1 per episode.  Lack of content partnerships hurt service.

The Apple canceled the service that allowed users to rent iTunes TV shows. Launched in September 2011 with the new version of the accessory Apple TV, iTunes Rentals did not get hit with users, even with the rental of episodes of the series for $ 1.

According to the site AllThingsDigital, an Apple spokeswoman said that “iTunes users prefer to buy the episodes.” Each episode series is sold in the shop for $ 2 and can be watched many times as you wish.

Apple iTunes Rentals canceled, allowing the  rental of TV dramas

Apple iTunes Rentals canceled, allowing the rental of TV dramas


News Corp. and Disney were the only companies to offer episodes of your rental. The lack of more partners and more content to rent online is appointed with one of the problems faced by the service.

ICloud The service is one that is pointed to by the end of help with iTunes Rentals. With it, iTunes users can download it again for any series or movie you have already acquired and to any device.

The movie rentals through iTunes continues in operation.


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