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  • Published: Apr 21st, 2012
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IIT Delhi Student Shows Charger That Generates Enerygy When you Walk

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IIT Delhi organized an Open House yesterday in which students showcase the latest innovations they are working on. There were around 400 projects on display there.

One of the projects that caught my attention were a phone charger that generates electricity when you walk. You can wear it around your knee, and plug it in your cellphone which might be in your pocket. As you walk, this phone charger will convert your kinetic energy to electric energy, and will generate enough energy to charge your phone.

IIT Delhi Open House

This charger is being designed by Gulmohar Khan, who is a first year student in Master of Design.

There are plans to make form factor of this eco-friendly charger in form of a pen, so that it can just be put in pocket of your shirt, alongside your cellphone.

I am very excited with this whole idea. This is especially beneficial for those places which still do not have electricity. There have been talks of solar mobile chargers, but this eco-friendly charger would be a game changer.

Now, villagers who do not have electricity won’t have to travel long distances just to get their phone charged. They can just wear these eco-friendly chargers, and get their phone charged easily.

There is no date yet on when will this product be available in the market, or what its price will be, but I will definitely be watching out for it.

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