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Accused of causing panic with Twitter may face prison

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Teacher and presenter would have spread rumors of kidnappings. 
Rumors have caused accidents and overloading the emergency phones.

A man and a woman from Veracruz, Mexico, could face 30 years in prison on charges he caused a panic with the help of Twitter, according to the “Guardian”. The newspaper said the two had been using Twitter to spread rumors that an armed man was attacking the city’s schools.

Panic caused by rumors would have caused several car accidents – since their parents ran toward the schools – and overloaded lines of emergency phones.

Twitter Home Page

Twitter Home Page

“There were 26 car accidents and people also leave their vehicles in the streets and ran to fetch their children because they thought their children were at risk,” said Gerardo Buganza, Secretary of State of Veracruz, the “Guardian”.

The two accused are the professor Gilberto Martinez Vera and radio presenter Maria Jesus Bravo Pagola, the newspaper said. The prosecution alleges that Vera posted several tweets saying that an armed man was abducting children in schools in the region of Veracruz.

Lawyers for the two say they were just rumors that they had seen playing on the Internet.

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