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Apple hires hacker who unlocked iPhone

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Nicholas Allegra, creator of JailbreakMe, will stage the company. 
Hacker says to ‘fan’ and the company believes Google’s Android, ‘enemy’.

The young American Nicholas Allegra 19 years, renowned for operating systems to unlock the iPhone and iPad, announced on Friday via his Twitter account that in two weeks will begin work on Apple with an ongoing contract.

“I feel useless because I have not done anything in a month and a half,” commented two days ago in social networking site Twitter, where it is known as @comex, already adding on Friday that “it’s been really fun, but it is long lasting and I’m getting bored, so within two weeks I will be interning at Apple

Allegra Nicholas, author of site 'jailbreak', go  to Apple

Allegra Nicholas, author of site 'jailbreak', go to Apple

The young hacker is known for creating the site JailbreakMe, which allowed millions of people around the world to eliminate the restrictions on their iPhones and iPads to install unauthorized applications by visiting the site.

Comex’s identity was revealed a few weeks ago when an editor of business magazine “Forbes” Nicholas was able to interview revealing some aspects of his personality, like the fact that the boy says “Apple fan” and considers the Android operating system as ” an enemy. “


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