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Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page are in the list of most influential ‘Time’

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The founder of social networking site Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and co-founder and CEO of Google, Larry Page, were chosen by Time magazine for a list of 100 most influential people in the world in 2011.

The issue of the magazine with the list hit newsstands in the United States on Friday (22).

To describe Zuckerberg, a publication called the person who found a kidney donor through social networking. “Often people look for organ donation on Facebook. And the key link through the site has generated an interest that helps to promote the health, welfare and donation of organs and tissues,” it said.

As for the description of Page, “Time” drew a Stanford professor of the time the CEO of Google was a student at the university. “He and his friend Sergey Brin had the idea of ??giving everyone a way to find anything on the internet. I was skeptical, but the idea proved to be not so crazy like that,” it said.

The list
The list of 100 most influential is published by Time magazine since 2004. This year’s includes, besides Dilma, the U.S. president, Barack Obama, his wife, Michelle, the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Prince William and his fiancee, Kate Middleton, and Prime British Prime Minister David Cameron, among other officials.

Among the artists chosen, is the British actor Colin Firth, Academy Award winner this year.Singer Justin bierbo 17 years was also elected one of the most influential.


Facebook exceeds half the number of visitors to Orkut in Brazil

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Facebook, the world’s largest social network, has reached an important milestone in February 2011. In the second month of the year, the site had 17.92 million unique visitors in Brazil, and first exceeded half of the hits leader’s Orkut, Google. The network of choice for Brazilians ended the month with 32.41 million hits, according to data published in this Thursday (31) the daily O Estado de S. Paulo “.

Facebook ended 2010 with 12.3 million unique visitors, an increase of 45.5% in the year. Over the past six months, the hearing site created by American Mark Zuckerberg shot 65.7% in the country. In the same period, Orkut rose 2.85%.

ComScore audience measurement based on users with more than 6 years. The company takes into account both private and corporate, in companies. Data were collected from 45.23 million users.

In July 2010, Facebook reached the milestone of 500 million registered users worldwide, a five times higher than the 100 million registered on Orkut. The site of Google remains the most popular in just two countries: Brazil and India.

Facebook users become the latest victims of the Japanese Tsunami

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It’s not the aboriginal time that spammers and malware writers accept acclimated a adverse accessible accident to advance malware on Facebook, but the latest are affected videos purporting to appearance “breathtaking” or “unbelievable” footage of the Japanese tsunami.

These links, if clicked, will yield you through to addition website area you will be appropriate to accomplish added accomplishments such as beat added links in adjustment to appearance the the video (which doesn’t exist!)

In assuming these accomplishments you will be giving the malware writers admired information, abnormally if you ”like” the app and accept claimed advice such as your home address, blast and adaptable buzz numbers and your email abode on your Facebook profile. Such malware, and there are a abundant abounding on Facebook and added amusing networks at the moment, could even crave you to download and install a plugin orcodec to watch the video. Such a book will absolutely be malware of some array such as a bot or keylogger.

Simply beat on the capital hotlink for a lot of of these “apps” will column a hotlink to your bank adage that you like it. This is a lot of frequently how these malware apps will spread. Should you see one on the bank of a friend, you may wish to acquaint them or column a bulletin beneath it allegorical humans of its absolute purpose.

The tsunami which hit Japan endure anniversary afterwards a massive 8.9 consequence convulsion has dead bags of people, with up to 10,000 humans still missing from a individual littoral town, and acquired billions of dollars of accident including analytical accident to one nuclear reactor and added accident to two others.

Past contest area spammers and malware writers accept approved to accomplishment users on Facebook and added amusing networks accept included the afterlife of Michael Jackson and the Indonesian tsunami of 2004.


Orkut Copying Facebook Features ?

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Its look like that orkut is copying all the features of facebook!

First the Long Photo Feature ~

2nd -Status Updates

3rd -Orkut-Photo View Look

Facebook Photo View-


Orkut stop copying facebook updates :D LoL

Facebook Image Link For Chrome

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The contempo photo eyewitness changes on Facebook accept acquired absolutely the altercation a part of Facebook users. Facebook alien a new photo appearance approach about a anniversary ago. A part of the complaints is that a right-click on a photo does not acknowledge options to archetype its web abode anymore which makes it that abundant harder to affectation images alone or save them to the bounded computer system.

Facebook Image Link is an addendum for the Google Chrome web browser that adds new ambience card options to the new Facebook photo viewer.

A right-click on a page area the new Facebook angel eyewitness is announcement a photo displays a ambience card with the afterward three options:

Open Angel URL: If this advantage is called the photo will be opened in a new tab in the browser. (the aforementioned is natively accessible if users Ctrl-click on an image)

Show Angel URL: This displays an active that reveals the web abode of the photo. The url can be affected and pasted as usually.

Show Top Res Angel URL: This displays the aforementioned active but for the top resolution adaptation of the photo if accessible on Facebook. Some Facebook photos accept top resolution versions that can be accessed this way.

Facebook Angel Link offers absorbing options for Facebook users who like the new photo eyewitness but absence appearance to archetype photo urls and appearance photos in tabs. The Google Chrome addendum is accessible for absolute accession over at the Google Chrome Extensions gallery.

Install Extension From Here:

Facebook users who do not like the new photo eyewitness at all can yield a attending at Gets Rid Of Facebook’s New Photo Appearance Mode to acknowledgment to the old angel eyewitness on the amusing networking site.

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