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Google + site becomes the 8th most visited U.S. social, survey says

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After social networking site has grown to be open to all interested parties. 
Analysis showed an increase of 1,269% in the number of visits in a week.

The Google site + became the 8th most popular social networking site in the United States in just four days after opening the social network for all interested parties. The data were published by Heather Dougherty, a researcher at Hitwise.

According to Dougherty, the site was ranked 54 in the period prior to opening. On the last day on September 20, Google + has become a social network open to all – rather, it was necessary to have an invitation.

Besides the popularity, the site of the network “has emerged as the third largest category in Social Networks and Forums in the U.S.,” says Dougherty. “Just one day after the site was opened.”

The analysis of the survey also showed that there was a growth of 1,269% in the number of visits to Google this week that ended on Sept. 17 that ended on the 24th.

Google+ announces addition of games

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Google announced on Thursday (11) that added to the social network games + Google. The gaming service the newly launched social network already includes titles like “Angry Birds,” “Bubble Island”, “Sudoku” and “City of Wonder.” In all, 16 games will be available to users of the site. In his blog, the company explains that this step towards interactive entertainment responds to their desire to make the online play is “as fun and valuable” as the real life.

Google Plus added a new page

Google Plus added a new page

To access the game page, the user must click a button alongside the new tab in circles of friends in social networking. “The games Google + will be there when you want and disappear when they want,” states the company. On the page, users can check the latest achievements made ??by his friends, take a look on invitations received to play and see the titles accessed recently by your contacts.

Google has started to implement the new games page gradually and expects all users have access to the service soon.

Google + Social Network attracts 25 million visitors, survey says

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Facebook took about three years to attract 25 million users. 
According to research by comScore, 780 000 Internet users are from Brazil.

Google+ attracted 25 million visitors since  launch in late June

Google+ attracted 25 million visitors since launch in late June

Google’s social network has attracted 25 million users, becoming the fastest site to get such a hearing, according to data released Tuesday (2) by the company comScore.

Google +, released in late June , had 25 million unique visitors until July 24 and was growing at a rate of about one million visitors a day, comScore said. In contrast, Facebook took about three years to attract 25 million visitors, while Twitter took just over 30 months.

Although the data show that the latest attempt by Google to join the social network has begun strongly, that does not mean the project is a long-term success. MySpace hit 25 million users in less than two years – faster than Facebook or Twitter. However, many Internet users lost last year, comScore noted.

According to the data, 6 million visitors from Google + living in the United States and more than 3.6 million in India. Canada and Britain come up with 1 million each, while Germany and Brazil has 920 thousand, just over 780 000. France and Taiwan have around 500 000 visitors each.

Use Of Google+ 3% fall in the U.S. in one week

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Number of hits fell from 1,860,000 to 1,790,000, says study. 
During the week of July 16, research has shown growth of 283% on the site.

Google Plus

Google Plus

The number of visits to Google +, Google’s social network in the United States fell by about 3% in a week, according to a study by Experian Hitwise. The social network announced in late June fell to 1.86 million to 1.79 million visits in the week ended on July 23.

The time of using Google +, the second study, also fell from nearly six minutes to 5 minutes and 15 seconds. Although he fell, Experian Hitwise says the number is not “alarming.”

Recently, a survey by comScore said Google + grown since its launch on June 28, reaching 20 million unique visitors. In the week ended July 16, Hitwise reported that had the social network had grown 283%, with 1.8 million unique visitors.

Hacker group ‘Anonymous’ announces the launch of its social network

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Initiative was motivated by the fact that the group had been banned from Google +. 
Group, responsible for attacks on businesses, the site named “Anon + ‘.

Anonymous social network created in response  to Google +, which has barred entry of  the network group

Anonymous social network created in response to Google +, which has barred entry of the network group

The Anonymous, hacker group that gained notoriety in recent months with a series of attacks against companies , announced the creation of your own social network, dubbed Anon+ .

In a message posted on Sunday (17) blog Your News Anon , Anonymous left the impression that the initiative was motivated by the fact that the group had been banned from Google +, Google’s new social network. “This is a sad example of what happens on the Internet when you walk into a different beat of the drum,” it said.

In the same address, Anonymous posted a message that was sent by Google, claiming that after reviewing the profile of the group, the company had understood that the content of some posts on Google + violated standards of conduct for this community.

In the message that refers to the creation of the Anon +, pointed out that hackers are common cases of activists being banned from sites like Facebook and Twitter YouTube, and the prohibition of access to these social networks by governments around the world.

“Those days are coming to an end. We are building our own social network.’ve Had enough of governments and corporations telling you what is best for us and what is safe for our minds. The time of sheep over,” concludes the post, which also contains a link to access the Anon +.

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