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Man is accused of involvement in the invasion of computers from Sony

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A man from Arizona State in the United States, was arrested and charged on Thursday (22) for allegedly being involved in the invasion of computers from Sony Pictures Entertainment. In the event, more than 37 000 users had stolen data.

Cody Kretsinger, 23, city of Tempe, is accused of conspiracy and damage to protected computer. If the two guilty, faces up to 15 years in prison.

It was not immediately disclosed if Kretsinger hired a lawyer.

Image used by Lulzsec

Image used by Lulzsec


Computers Sony Pictures has been committed in the period between late May and early June 2011. The anonymous members of a group known as Lulz Security said they were responsible. The organization said it had access to more than 1 million accounts, but Sony says that 37,500 users had personal information stolen.

Kretsinger is the first person arrested in the United States does or has done part of LulzSec.The group was combined with other hackers scandals involving government institutions and companies around the world, officials say.

According to the indictment, Kretsinger stole confidential information from Sony and passed them on to other members of LulzSec. The group published the material on its site.

Failure of Skype for iPhone allows hackers to steal personal data

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A failure in the application program Skype, which allows conversations through voice, video and text iPos for the iPhone and touch can make the user data from being stolen by hackers.

With a malicious JavaScript code sent in the form of chat, criminals can get data such as the victim’s address book and other information contained in the device when the person viewing the message sent.

Version of Skype for iPhone and iPod touch has  flaw that allows hacker attack

Version of Skype for iPhone and iPod touch has flaw that allows hacker attack


Skype issued a statement claiming to have knowledge of the problem and is “working hard to fix a bug in an upcoming update.” This update should be released for free through the iTunes store in the coming days, the company said. The company recommends that users “accept requests to add new contacts in Skype only people I knew and always keeping safety practices to avoid having data stolen.”

Phil Purviance, AppSec Consulting consultant to the company, posted a message on Twitter for almost a month warning of failure. The file access system is hampered by Apple iOS, but each application can access the user’s address book, and if this program has a security hole, hackers can use it to access data.

Cars are the next target for hackers, says maker of antivirus

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The emergence of smart cars – filled with sensors and functions controlled by onboard computers more powerful – is the vehicle the next target for hackers. The statement is the developer of McAfee antivirus, which released a study done in partnership with the creator of mobile programs and Escrypt Wind River, which manufactures security systems for microcontrollers.

According to the study, hackers can attack systems technology for cars to take control of the vehicle, and track your location or steal data from devices that can connect to it, such as smartphones and tablets.

Stefan Savage, one of the creators of viruses capable of  infecting cars

Stefan Savage, one of the creators of viruses capable of infecting cars


Security concerns increase in cars with the upgrading of vehicles, which in some countries have sophisticated on-board computers. This technology allows, for example, that the car is able to monitor functions such as tire pressure, condition of brakes and engine. There are also systems for distribution of digital entertainment for passengers and communication between the mobile phone and stereo, especially for calls in speakerphone or with the aid of GPS navigation.

Virus per song
In March, a group of researchers led by Stefan Savage and Tadayoshi Kohno announced the publication of research that shows ways to compromise the security of a car. The most interesting developed by the researchers involves the use of a digital archive of music that when played in car stereo system, allows them to execute malicious code on the vehicle.

Other methods developed by the group involve the Bluetooth network, the cellular network and malicious code, diagnostic tools used in repair centers .

Experts from the universities of Washington and San Diego are involved with the subject for at least two years. In 2010, published a paper showing what you could do with a laptop connected to an onboard computer system of a car. In the article, they showed that it was possible to control the system of the car to “turn off the brakes, a wheel-specific brake, stop the engine, among others.” In this first article, researchers have shown how a virus could install in the car.

In research being published now, entitled (in translation) “Comprehensive analysis and experimental auto attack surfaces”, the experts show how attackers could use several techniques to perform the attack, without relying on a direct connection from a notebook the car.

Once infected, a vehicle could be remotely unlocked to facilitate theft, the researchers said. The car is considered 2009, but neither the manufacturer nor the model have been reported.

Carelessness with password facilitated data leak of Wikileaks

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Site decided to release the entire package of telegrams. 
Packet was distributed, with password, by the Wikileaks.

The Web site Wikileaks decided to release the package with more than 250,000 telegrams from U.S. embassies after the file had already been placed on the Internet by third parties. According to the German newspaper “Der Spiegel”, a careless disregard of Wikileaks and the other a journalist from “The Guardian” would have resulted in the leakage of information.

The British newspaper “The Guardian” was one of the publications that received the packet of telegrams so privileged and who collaborated with Wikileaks to remove names and other sensitive documents.

Book on Wikileaks contains password file  distributed by the site

Book on Wikileaks contains password file distributed by the site

Leak Password
reporter David Leigh, who works for the “Guardian”, a book published on the Wikileaks. Leigh details how Assange, Wikileaks leader, wrote in a piece of paper the password to a secret file containing the original and unedited versions of the 250 thousand telegrams.

In the book, the journalist reveals that Assange delivered a paper containing the text “ # ACollectionOfHistorySince_1966_ToThe_PresentDay . “ Assange said that “this is the password, but you still need to put the word ‘Diplomatic’ before the word ‘History’. Understood? “

Assange would pass a link to download the protected file later. Leigh published because he said the password file does not believe that was in circulation.

Leak file
Assange put the original file with the cables in a hidden folder on the Wikileaks server for which there was no external link.

When the site began publishing the telegrams and was immediately under attack , Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who was spokesman for the Wikileaks server files collected and distributed to encourage Internet users to create clones of the Wikileaks sites in order to prevent the flow of information was limited by the attacks.

Among the files was password protected information published in the book by the journalist of “The Guardian”. When the book was published, so the two pieces of information were available.

Turning information
Domscheit-Berg and Daniel Assange were at odds on Wikileaks. Domscheit-Berg left the organization, founding the site “competitor” OpenLeaks .

According to the newspaper “Der Spiegel”, supporters of OpenLeaks began commenting on the possibility of the cables are available on the Internet, as proof that Wikileaks could not be trusted.

Then the “Der Freitag”, a German weekly publication, was informed about the presence of the password file in the book by David and Leigh published an article on the subject, making it clear that all parties needed to obtain the information were publicly available . The “Der Freitag” is a partner of OpenLeaks.

Knowing this, the Wikileaks held a vote on Twitter to publish all messages in an unedited version, as everything was available anyway. The “Guardian” denies its share of blame, saying that the password would have been temporary and that Wikileaks had enough time to get the file from their servers.

The “Spiegel” considers that the case “is nothing short of a catastrophe” for sites like Wikileaks and OpenLeaks, citing risks to the lives of people whose names are disclosed in the cables.

“No you will feel comfortable to disclose these platforms leak now. They seem out of control, “said the German newspaper, who was also among the publications privileged to publish and edit documents.

Facebook pays $ 40,000 to hackers who have found flaws in the social network

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Company launched three weeks ago rewards program. 
Hacker received $ 7,000 for six different vulnerabilities.

Facebook announced on Monday (29) who has paid more than $ 40 thousand to hackers found vulnerabilities in social networking. Three weeks ago, the company launched a program that rewards researchers who uncover flaws in the site. Until last Monday (29), a researcher has received $ 7,000 for six different vulnerabilities and other user earned $ 5,000 for a ” very good report, “the director of security at Facebook, Joe Sullivan.

Researchers have already received more than $ 40,000  for failure to site

Researchers have already received more than $ 40,000 for failure to site


“On the other hand, had to deal with false failures from people who were seeking publicity,” Sullivan wrote in the official Facebook blog . He did not elaborate, however, how many vulnerabilities were found in these three weeks. “We know and have relationships with a large number of security experts. However, the program initiated a dialogue with a new group of people around the world who are passionate about Internet safety, “Sullivan wrote. “The program has also been great because it has made ??our site more secure.” The program was launched in late July as a way to reward users who find and report flaws that could be exploited by malicious hackers. The developer who is “the first person to responsibly disclose” an error that may “compromise the integrity or privacy of Facebook users” may receive a reward, which starts at $ 500.

Facebook hired in June George Hotz , a famous hacker known as “GeoHot”, which was sued by Sony for its PlayStation 3 console hacking. He is considered the first person to have made ??public a way to hack the iPhone. Facebook did not say what his job in the company.

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