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Creator of Twitpic launches social networking service similar to Twitter

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Reason would have been ‘change’ due to the creation of the microblogging service photos. 
Twitpic to lose users because of the use of photos on Twitter.

The founder of Twitpic photo service, used by Twitter users, Noah Everett launched a social network called Heello , very similar to microblogging. The reason for the creation of the site would have been a “change” due to the release of photos of the Twitter service, a competitor to Twitpic.

The Heello is very similar to Twitter, including microblogging format, with users posting short texts of up to 140 characters. However, instead of tweeting, you “ping” (ping, in English) are retweet the “echo” (echo, in English) and instead “follow” a person in Heello, the user “listens “(listen in English) your friends.

Heello, the social network that looks like  Twitter

Heello, the social network that looks like Twitter


The creator of the social network still has Twitpic integration with Twitter and Facebook, allowing Heello and publish posts to make them appear automatically in the other two services. Everett told VentureBeat that the site will support videos Heello, transfers of places (check-ins, Foursquare and in service), SMS messaging, mobile applications and channels to act as the “lists” of Twitter.

Everett has not announced what will be the business model that Heello to compete with Twitter, will have to overcome the 200 million social network users.

Apple ends the 1st floor as the world’s largest by market value

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Company had already passed the value of Exxon Mobil on the floor Tuesday. 
See the path of Steve Jobs’s company near bankruptcy to the top.

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, during an event in  San Francisco

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, during an event in San Francisco


A day after arriving to occupy the first rank of the company’s most valuable market in the world, Apple has reached another milestone on Wednesday (10). At the close of trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange in New York, the sum of the shares – an index known as market capitalization – has surpassed that of Exxon Mobil. For the first time in its 35 year history, so Apple is listed as the leader in closing the list of giants in market value.

The brand, however, came at a bad day for Apple stock. In preliminary closing of the day, Apple shares indicated down 2.7% in the value of the company at the opening. The manufacturer of mobile devices had a total market capitalization of $ 339.4 billion. Exxon Mobil, the former leader, fell even more: 4.42% to a total of U.S. $ 332.4 billion.

The leadership came due to the crisis in the U.S. market, established after the country struggled to get rid of a threat of default and have the note of its debt downgraded by rating agency Standard and Poor’s . As a result, Exxon shares were down more sharply than those of Apple.

There are just 15 months Apple has taken the lead among technology companies, surpassing Microsoft . At the time, the market assessed the company Steve Jobs at U.S. $ 222 billion. Before that, when Steve Jobs returned to run the company in 1996, Apple was given as a company about to disappear.

The recent success of Apple is tied to the performance of the company in mobile industry. The iPad, launched in early 2010, has recreated the tablet market, which had appeared ten years before, but without reaching significance. Among smartphones, the iPhone faces competition from devices with Android, Google, but remains as the best selling model.

Anonymous Hackers will attack Facebook on November

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Great attack is planned to take place on November 5. 
“Facebook knows more about you than your family,” says the message.

This message was published in twitter by anons

This message was published in twitter by anons


The hacker group Anonymous, responsible for a series of attacks on websites of governments, companies and credit card network games online PlayStation Network (PSN), Sony announced it will hold a mass attack against Facebook in November 5. The goal of the criminals is to overthrow the site, which has more than 700 million registered users.

The attack was confirmed through Twitter and a video posted on YouTube. In it, the recording says that social networking has helped governments, “selling information to users and ensuring access to clandestine security firms to spy on people all over the world.”

The 5th of November was chosen to be related to the comic book “V for Vendetta,” whose main character, Guy Fawkes is remembered by members of Anonymous in the use of the mask feature presented in the series.

They even say in the statement that “everything you do on Facebook is the social network, regardless of privacy settings,” and that “it is impossible to delete the account because the data are stored on Facebook.” “Facebook knows more about you than your family,” says the message.

The group also warns that the day of the attack “will go down in history.”

Even Twitter, Anonymous posted a message saying that he was organizing what it calls “Operation Facebook” (# opfacebook), but not all members agreed or participated in the preparation of the attack.

There are suspicions that the attacks are to try to strengthen the social network Anon +, created by the gruop. The community site for Google + service was banned by Google, which would have angered members of Anonymous.

Facebook would not comment on the threats so far.

During the movement "Real Democracy Now" in Madrid (Spain), a person is seen with a mask of Guy Fawkes, from "V for revenge 'used by members of the hacker group Anonymous

During the movement "Real Democracy Now" in Madrid (Spain), a person is seen with a mask of Guy Fawkes, from "V for revenge 'used by members of the hacker group Anonymous

‘Spam King’ arrested after sending 27 million messages on Facebook

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Sanfored Wallace will face 11 charges of fraud. 
He developed program to trick social network protection.

'Spam King' used Facebook to send  messages

'Spam King' used Facebook to send messages

Sanford Wallace, known as “Spam King”, surrendered to U.S. authorities after being accused of masterminding a scheme that sent more than 27 million unsolicited messages through Facebook’s servers.

The Las Vegas man surrendered to FBI agents and will face 11 charges of fraud, malicious damage to a protected computer and criminal contempt for violating previous orders to stay away from social networks Facebook and MySpace, said prosecutors in California at the end of the fifth Tuesday (4).

Wallace, 43, developed a program to avoid spam filters Facebook and posted messages urging users to visit a site, supposedly from a friend, according to the indictment unsealed on Thursday.

Instead, unsuspecting users were encouraged to provide their e-mails and passwords and then redirected to an affiliate site that gave Wallace a “substantial revenue” by driving traffic, the indictment said.

The program Wallace collected the information, including lists of friends, and sent spam messages to them.

Accounts of about 500,000 Facebook users have been committed between November 2008 and March 2009, sending more than 27 million messages, federal prosecutors said.

Hackers claim to have stolen data from 70 U.S. police agencies

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Action was taken in retaliation for the arrest of a member of the group. 
British 18 years was arrested on suspicion of being a mouthpiece of the hackers.

Jake Davis, 18, ??was arrested in London  suspected of being the spokesman for the hackers

Jake Davis, 18, was arrested in London suspected of being the spokesman for the hackers


Hackers AntiSec group, in collaboration with members of Anonymous, said on Saturday (6) have accessed a “large amount of confidential information” of 70 sites from law enforcement agencies of the United States in retaliation for the arrest of one of the group members.

The hackers said in a statement that the theft was the largest ever made ??in the U.S. security forces. The group estimates it has released more than 10 GB of sensitive information such as emails, credit card numbers, passwords and other data from 70 police agencies in central and southern United States. “We are releasing an amount of confidential information that certainly the put in trouble, discredit and incriminate police in the U.S., “said the hackers.” We act in solidarity with the defenders of Topiary and Anonymous, “they added. The British police arrested a Briton for 18 years in London named Jake Davis, suspected of being the hacker behind the name “Topiary.” Davis may be the spokesman for the group Lulz Security (LulzSec) and Anonymous, and have pirated a few hours the agency’s Web site to combat organized crime in the UK SOCA, in 20 days June.

The LulzSec claimed to hold a series of “cyber attacks” against sites for 50 days for U.S. government agencies and large companies, including the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Senate and the technology giant Sony. * With information agency EFE and AFP.


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