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Google blocks application that migrates data from Orkut to Facebook

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Google has blocked the application MigraKut used by Orkut users to migrate the site content to Facebook. 

According to the creator of the tool, the Brazilian Rafael Zanoni, the blockade began between 16 and 17 June.Launched in March this year, Migrakut reached the milestone of 1 million users on June 14. When installed on Facebook, allow the application to transfer the Orkut albums to the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg. On Tuesday (5), Facebook had blocked a tool that enables users to export your contacts to Gmail. Facebook Exporter Called Friend, the program, which is an extension of the Chrome browser was used by users of social networking Google + to recreate your network of contacts. 

However, Zanoni contends that Migrakut did not remove content from Orkut.

 “The application copied and transferred the data to Facebook, so that the user had the photos on both networks. In addition, the tool was not automatic, since people needed to select the photos before the transfer, “he said. Google has also said that online tools so you can remove that each Internet user your data from any platform from Google.

“Google believes that the data entrusted to their platforms belong to users. In other words, Internet users have complete freedom to withdraw your information at any time, “the company said.

Orkut launches its first game of the cities created for the Brazilian public

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Orkut launched on Thursday (14) the first game of the social network of cities. The MegaCity developed by Vostu, allows users of Orkut to build a city with style and design in Brazil. The Internet, for example, can use a stand of coconut or a beach bar to decorate the city.

The social game is focused on North America and presents each phase, new items typical of the country. In addition to building and decorating the city, the player will need to conquer lands, interact with your friends and help others to get ahead in phases.

“We created a very Brazilian game items for players to identify with the MegaCity finding things of everyday life. It was a game designed specially for the Brazilian since its creation, “says Daniel Kafi executive Vostu.

In addition to creating their own town, the player can plant vegetables and fish in order to maintain their trade. And as a social game, you can visit the cities of your friends and help them in construction.


Facebook exceeds half the number of visitors to Orkut in Brazil

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Facebook, the world’s largest social network, has reached an important milestone in February 2011. In the second month of the year, the site had 17.92 million unique visitors in Brazil, and first exceeded half of the hits leader’s Orkut, Google. The network of choice for Brazilians ended the month with 32.41 million hits, according to data published in this Thursday (31) the daily O Estado de S. Paulo “.

Facebook ended 2010 with 12.3 million unique visitors, an increase of 45.5% in the year. Over the past six months, the hearing site created by American Mark Zuckerberg shot 65.7% in the country. In the same period, Orkut rose 2.85%.

ComScore audience measurement based on users with more than 6 years. The company takes into account both private and corporate, in companies. Data were collected from 45.23 million users.

In July 2010, Facebook reached the milestone of 500 million registered users worldwide, a five times higher than the 100 million registered on Orkut. The site of Google remains the most popular in just two countries: Brazil and India.

Orkut Copying Facebook Features ?

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Its look like that orkut is copying all the features of facebook!

First the Long Photo Feature ~

2nd -Status Updates

3rd -Orkut-Photo View Look

Facebook Photo View-


Orkut stop copying facebook updates :D LoL

Orkut – New look and feel coming soon

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Here are some of the new enhancements that you’ll begin to see in a few weeks:

Left navigation, to help you get to the most popular features more easily.
A new larger profile photo, a popular request. Be sure to upload a higher resolution photo of yourself!
New full profile view, which lets you and your friends see your info, interests, badges, testimonials and recent photos and videos.
New fullscreen slideshow for photos.

Orkut will get more updates soon..
so stay tuned!

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