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How to activate ‘google adwords’ account without paying

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This is a trick for everyone who wants to use google adwords :D

So, this is my first “HOW TO” post. Hope you will like it.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords

1.Signup For Adwords!
2.Complete the signup process!
3. Take Billing Preferences from Billing!
4. Select the Country United States !!
5. Fill in the Address Details! (Use for fake U.S address)
6.Click Next
7. Select Manual Payments
8.Click in the place to Enter the Voucher, and a Box comes for it!
9. Put in the Voucher!
10. Go To next Page!
11. Click Submit And Activate!
12. Done!
13. Make ads, to get it activated complete! Coupon value reduces with $5 for activation fees then!!
14. Check back next day to see your ads running.


Any doubts ?

Comment here and ask!

26 Internet Websites That You Have Not Heard About, But Should

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Every Internet user knows Facebook right? Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft and Twitter are aswell adequately common. But accept you anytime heard of Jinni, Joongel or Jangle ? No? Then apprehend on to acquisition out what they, and 23 added sites accept to offer.

It is hasty that you cannot acquisition a individual website on the Internet that collects those unique, attenuate websites. You acquisition the casual top account that is usually outdated, with bisected the sites down for good, but no account that’s advancement a account of the Internet’s top sites.

Maybe there is such a service, but if it is it is abuse harder to find. I aboriginal anticipation Delicious or added directories or bookmarking casework could be acclimated for the discovery, but they are attenuated that it is harder to acquisition the gems a part of the bags of sites.

The afterward 27 sites are different and wonderful. You may accept heard about some of them before, but I’d bet that you will ascertain at atomic a few gems a part of the casework and sites listed below.


Recommendation engines are agnate to seek engines. The capital aberration is that they will acclaim something to you based on your input.

Tastekid – A recommendations website to ascertain new books, movies, music, shows and authors. just access what you like and Tastekid will affectation items that are similar. That way, you can acquisition new items that you accept not heard afore that are “like” something that you already know.

Jinni – Concentrates on movies recommendations. One absorbing aspect is that you can not alone access cine and TV appearance titles but aswell plots or themes. Just access Gothic Horror for instance to be presented with recommendations such as Sleepy Hollow, Interview with a Vampire or Frankenstein.

Alternative To – Looking for a affairs or account that is like something you know? Alternative To may accept acceptable candidates for you.


Google is not the alone seek engine. There are bags of specialized seek engines that generally accommodate bigger and altered seek results.

Joongel – combines admission to assorted niche-specific seek engines. Accessible niches cover music, images, social, account and torrents. Joongel displays after-effects from one of the seek engines with an advantage to about-face to any of the added accessible seek engines immediately.

Scroogle – Seek Google after accolade and seek history. Helpful if you cannot install add-ons or extensions to accomplish that.

Supercook – Ever wondered what you could baker with the capacity that you accept at home? Access supercook. Just access what you accept and the compound seek engine will discharge out recipes that bout those ingredients.



People like to shop. The casework listed beneath advance your arcade experience.

Swap A Skill – Need something done? Then barter it for something you are acceptable at in. Shoes for acknowledged advice, a patio for french lessions, anniversary in India for website? All that and added is accessible at Swap A Skill.

Bust A Name – Combines words to acquisition chargeless area names.


Jangle, Searches for bargains and displays them in a accurate sorted advertisement on their website.

Etsy – A exchange for handmade goods. Carries aggregate from art over accoutrements and purses to toys and supplies.


Music and video mainly. Resources to ascertain new media, or accept to it online after paying a dime.

Jamendo – Offers about 300,000 chargeless music tracks. Albums can be downloaded or listened to online. Great for advertent music that is not in the mainstream.

Nutsie – Takes your iTunes library to the web, alone the anthology and song advice that is, annihilation gets transferred. You can again accept to your songs, or new recommendations online from a accordant PC or adaptable device.

Hypem – Ascertain new music. The account adds new music that is acquaint on music blogs all the time, with options to play the music appropriate on site, and appointment the aboriginal blog.

Musicovery – Another music analysis engine. Select a mood, admired song or artisan and accept to accompanying music.

Gaming related

Like games? These gaming accompanying websites either allure you to play amateur online or action a abundance of advice about games.

Brettspielwelt – A multi-lingual online lath amateur website. The Java apprenticed website invites players from all over the apple to play accepted lath games, from Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne to Dominion and Backgammon, adjoin added players on the site.

Board Bold Geek – Without agnosticism the better English lath bold accompanying website in the world. The website offers user based rankings, reviews, aphorism altercation and more. If you charge advice about a accurate lath game, or like to acquisition a new one, afresh it is the website to go to.


Applications and online services.


Portable Freeware Collection – Website that lists the latest carriageable freeware releases and updates.

The Rasterbator – Actualize a affiche out of a accepted sizes image. Uses rasterized images, posters can be up to 20 meters in size. Block Posters is an addition that uses the aforementioned technology.

KeyXL offers a searchable keyword adjustment database. Just access a affairs name and hit go to see accessible shortcuts for it. You can clarify by belvedere or software class if you like.

xFruits – Offers to accumulated and advanced account feeds and added forms of advice to one another. It is for instance accessible to actualize an RSS to pdf, mail to RSS or RSS to adaptable bore on the site.

Misc Internet

Everything abroad that did not fit into one of the added categories.

Cl1p – An Internet clipboard. Actualize a different url that starts with to adhesive argument and added advice into the aperture editor. A bang on save food the advice so that they can be accessed afresh in the next seven days.

Web 2.0 Calc – A accessible online calculator with history feature. An addition is Ecalc.

Rainy Mood – 30 account of adequate top superior accomplishments rain to relax.

Musicovery The Best Page in the Cosmos – If you every capital to see the best page in the universe, this is it. Even if you disagree, it is appealing funny.

What Happened In My Birth Year – Displays advice about the year entered including what humans did, the top books, movies and music of that year and added absorbing information.

Support Details – If you anytime had to allocution to tech abutment you may accept had problems answering questions about your operating system, web browser or IP address. Abutment Details account the important information, at atomic area online abutment is concerned, on a individual page.

Metacritic – Do not assurance reviews of a individual website, cardboard or reviewer? Metacritic combines the analysis array to present you with an boilerplate for the game, movie, tv appearance or music that you like to apperceive added about.

Tua Mamma An Alternative Of ScrapeBox

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ScrapeBox the Ultimate Link Harvester, Mass WordPress and Movable Type Comment Poster Complete with PR Storm Mode and Bulk Pagerank Checker for $97

Tua Mamma the Ultimate Link Harvester, Mass WordPress and Movable Type Comment Poster Complete with PR Storm Mode and Bulk Pagerank Checker for FREE

Now which one will you chose ?

Tua Mamma….I know!




How To Get Services That Cost Over $100 For Only $4 !

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Fourerr is a popular website where people post all sorts of jobs they are willing to do for $4.  Its premise is simple: after signing up, users post things they are willing to provide buyers – for $4 U.S, just as the website’s name suggests.  Buyers review the offers, find one that suits their needs, pay the provider and a $4 match is made.  Fourerr vendors get paid when they deliver the completed product or service to the buyer and the buyer marks the transaction as “complete.”  A commission is deducted and the balance is deposited into an account for the vendor where it can stay to buy the services of other Fourerr vendors, or it can be transferred to PayPal for deposit or withdrawal.

Fourerr is an inexpensive, fun way for vendors and buyers to find exactly what they want at a price anyone can afford.  The diversity and amount of products and services is staggering.  It is an online, virtual, global bazaar where everyone has a key role!  Where else can you purchase services for $4 that elsewhere cost over $100? Nowhere, only at


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