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YouTube launches new graphic design of the site called Cosmic Panda

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Google unveiled on Thursday (7) the start of testing the visual modification of the video site YouTube. The new graphic design, which was named Cosmic Panda, brings news of a larger area for viewing videos, new playlist, and can now be used by users through this link .


The change of the Cosmic Panda is aesthetic and presents a dark area behind the video played, according to the company, brings comfort to the user. The videos suggested based on what is being watched show larger images, allowing you to see better image and have an idea of ??its contents. There is an area called “video size” which alters the size of the display screen, adapting more easily to different monitors or televisions.


Without interrupting the video display, the user can switch on and select the channel creator related videos, according to the company. Since it is still in the testing phase, the new interface has a YouTube button “Feedback,” located on the left side, where users can send complaints and suggestions for Google.


According to YouTube, users today publishes a daily amount of video equivalent of eight years and are viewed more than 3 billion videos a day on the site. In 2010, the average daily content was published five years.


YouTube includes more than 3,000 movies for rent in the U.S. digital

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YouTube will deploy more than 3,000 titles for rent from this Monday (9). The service, called YouTube Rentals is available for now only for U.S. Internet users. There is no prediction for the arrival of the system to Brazil.

The site, owned by Google, offers everything from Hollywood blockbusters to foreign films and independent producers. The value of the lease will be $ 1 to $ 4. Most movies site costs about $ 3. Many films, including some offered before the actual release, are available for free viewing as well as other clips.

YouTube has spent the last two years developing its popular website to modernize its image from a website with videos of 2 minutes and bad quality on children and pets from users.

The goal is to get more YouTube views of your videos in an industry whose content evolves faster than ever, need to offer better production values ??to compete with offerings from other paid sites like Hulu, Netflix sites and TV stations as CBS and ABC, Walt Disney.


YouTube founders buy Delicious

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The official blog of the free service compratilhamento links, Delicious, said on Wednesday (27) that was purchased by the founders of YouTube. The transaction has not yet been revealed.

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, the creators of the largest platform for online video, are committed to running for Delicious improve going forward and will incorporate it into its new Internet company, GRANDPARENT.

Providing a smooth transition for users is extremely important for both companies. Yahoo will continue to operate the service until about July 2011. When the transition is complete, users’ information will be moved to the new owner.

The blog also warns that as of this Wednesday service users to do the login again to agree (or disagree) with the new term of service that lets you download your favorite links registered at the site for the new owner. Thus, the user will enjoy the uninterrupted use of service and maintain your account and links intact in the transition.


YouTube will launch rental service for streaming movies

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Users can watch movies after they come out on DVD.Has not been disclosed whether the service will be charged or value of the lease

YouTube will launch its service at any time of streaming movie rentals, according to the site Business Insider. The new service will be a big competitor to Apple’s iTunes and give Hollywood a new source of revenue.

It is unclear if the rent is charged, nor if the value is greater or less than the $ 2.99 charged to Apple’s service. It is also uncertain whether the feature will be offered outside the U.S..

The 130 million monthly users will pay to watch movies after they come out on DVD. This is the first serious initiative that Google would charge for content.

British royal wedding will be broadcast live over the Internet

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The marriage of Prince William with Kate Middleton will be broadcast live over the Internet through the official channel of the royal family – the first British royal wedding to be broadcast online.

The event on April 29, to be assisted by up to 2 billion people worldwide, will be available on The Royal Channel and followed by a live multimedia blog, compiled by royal authorities.

The palace of St. James, whose authorities represent the princes William and Harry, said the transmission would be supplied by the British public broadcaster, the BBC, but without the comments of the station.

“Officials from Clarence House (Prince Charles’s official residence) and the palace of St. James will post comments in real time with historical information, interesting links, additional photos and video images, and integrates a Twitter site,” said palace in a statement.

In addition, an official video “Wedding Book” on YouTube invites anyone to submit their own video, congratulating the couple.

Photos related to marriage will be posted on photo-sharing site Flikr, and notices will be posted on the official website of marriage:


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