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EBay invests $1 million in new office in the United States

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Research and development center is located in Silicon Valley. 
Purpose is to create new tools for the site purchase and sale.

The e-commerce company eBay has opened a research and development center in Silicon Valley, California region that focus on technology companies.

The company said it made an investment of $ 1 million in new office, which begins with a team of five people. The group is chaired by the director of eBay’s infrastructure, Rodrigo Benzaquen.

“From this action, maintain a fluid relationship with major companies and investors operating in the region. This proximity will foster new ideas and experiences, which complement the operation of the poles of technological development we have in Argentina,” he said in a statement the director of technology company, Daniel Rabinovich.



The company wants to attract partners and developers to create tools that improve the experience of buying and selling, the statement said.

The eBay brokered the sale of 22.5 million of products in the first half of 2011, 32% more than the same period last year.

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