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Fake anti-virus for Mac evolves and password use exemption for victim

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New versions of the fake anti-virus for Mac OS X does not prompt the user to fill password of the computer administration to complete its installation, according to antivirus vendor Sophos. They do this thanks to the exclusive use of folders where the user already has write permissions – a technique similar to that used by Windows viruses to avoid warnings from User Account Control (UAC).

Just like in Windows, the worm has less capacity for harm without administrative rights. However, due to the simplicity of Mac viruses in existence, the facility with limited rights has not changed the activities of malicious code.

Users of Mac OS X, which long remained free of malware, are being attacked by false virus alerts that display on the screen saying the computer would be infected. To solve the problem, the “virus” recommends that the user buys the product safety. The plague is spread by virus writers to poison the popular search engine results, especially of images in search engines.

While Apple initially denied support to infected users , the company published an article in their knowledge base explaining how to remove the virus and promised an update that will “help protect users.”


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