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What is Google+ ?

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Google + is a social network created by the Google team, which announced Tuesday (28/06/2011) a new social networking, called Google +. The aim is to transform the company’s services on a large network, and is an indirect social network Facebook. Google + Social networking is still in testing phase and have not set a release date.

Google says the aim of the network is to allow users to use their connections between people on the web so more like real life, which calls attention to the social network is divided into circles of friendship, allowing the user to drag your contacts for the group and share specific content with that select group. An example is to have a circle of family and to share photos only with them, and working with friends, to share projects, etc

Sparks makes the social network demand videos and articles that you might like to, in his spare time, you always have something to watch, read and share. His grandfather would enjoy. The user defines the general interest in a bar similar to Google search and, after watching the video, for example, it can share to your friends by selecting the desired group.



The function hangouts, is that you can chat with friends via video, creating video conference, to use the feature, the user simply opens a room and tell the group that is online and ready. The Google network + also has other functions such as instant upload to upload photos of a cell directly to the site, without user intervention, and the huddle, that turns text messages via mobile phone among the friends of any group.


The proper function of the huddle is that if you are in your group of friends, and are undecided what will be the club’s, the huddle can transform your decision is one of their friends in chat only, where everyone can talk fast.

Well, for now these are the details released by Google +, more information will be released soon, and we will be pleased to disclose here.

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