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Google’s carbon emissions exceed those of Laos, says newspaper

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“Guardian” says Asian country has lower emissions than Google. 
Company launches report in reporting their sustainability initiatives.

Carbon emissions from Google, the company announced on Thursday (8), slightly exceed those of the Asian country Laos, according to a survey of the “Guardian”.

In an official website , Google said it generated a total of 1.46 million tons of carbon dioxide in 2010. “Without the efficiency measures we have implemented in our data centers, that would be higher,” the company said.

According to Google, its data centers use half the energy that the majority of the market.“Google uses very little energy around the world, about 0.01%,” says the site.

To compensate for their spending and borrowing, the company says it takes steps such as purchasing and generating renewable energy.

Google site that centralizes information about sustainable initiatives

Google site that centralizes information about sustainable initiatives

The company also revealed how much it costs to maintain the services it provides to users. To provide products such as Gmail and Google Docs for a month to the user, Google’s servers use less energy than would be spent leaving a 60W bulb on for three hours.

According to Google, you can reduce your environmental impact by using some services of the company, like SketchUp, which can be used for planning and designing more sustainable buildings.

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