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New Facebook include integration with music services

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Facebook released new features that address the way in which users listen to music and watch TV, offering tools and services like Hulu Spotify as an attempt to integrate social media to your network.

The funds were announced on Thursday (22) during the annual conference for developers of Facebook, f8 , San Francisco, its chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg has the network news  media during f8

Mark Zuckerberg has the network news media during f8

For Facebook, a further integration of music, movies and other media at your service makes it more likely that users spend more time on site, allowing the company to generate more advertising revenue.

The change comes at a time when Facebook is facing competition from Google, which launched in June a social networking service competitor, Google +.

Another application allows users to hear the same music as their friends in streaming services like Rhapsody and Spotify.

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