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‘Google effect’ reduces the memory, but increases search capabilities

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People do not memorize information because they believe find them online. 
Study shows dependence on the internet to store information.



Search engines like Google and the databases on the Internet have become a kind of “external memory” of our brain, according to a study published on Thursday in the journal “Science”, which reveals that lose data retentive memory, but we gain skills in demand.

Educators and scientists have warned that the man was becoming increasingly dependent on online information, but until now there have been few studies that confirmed, notes psychologist Betsy Sparrow, an associate professor at Columbia University (New York) and author the study.

It was just his personal experience – to realize that often resorted to the movie database IMDB to remember the names of some actors – which led to further analyze the study habits and learning new generations.

Sparrow mentions the Doctor of Psychology and professor Daniel Wegner of Harvard University, who for 30 years had developed the theory of “transactional memory” refers to the ability to split the job of remembering certain type of shared information.

As an example, he pointed out a couple where the husband trusts his wife to remember important dates, such as doctors, as she trusts him remember names of distant relatives.Thus, both do not duplicate information or “hold” memory.

Because of this theory, Sparrow asked if the Internet was playing this role with all Internet users as a great collective memory. Along with her team, she held a series of experiments with more than 100 Harvard students to examine the relationship between human memory, the retentive data and the Internet.

The team found that when participants did not know answers to questions, your computer automatically thought of as the place to find the necessary information.

The researchers found that if students knew the information could be available at another time or they could go back to get it as easily, could not remember the answer so well as when they thought the data would not be available.

Another behavioral patterns indicated the study is that people do not necessarily remember to obtain certain information. However, they tend to remember where they found the data they need when they can not remember exactly the information.

The study, “Google on Memory Effects: Cognitive Consequences of Having Information at Our Fingertips” (“Google Effect in Memory: Cognitive Consequences of Having the information at your fingertips” in free translation) suggests that the population began to use the internet as his “personal bank data,” known as the “Google effect”, and the computers and search engines online have become a kind of system of “external memory”.

Sparrow says she was not surprised to see that more people do not memorize information because they trust that can get them with their search skills. “We are really efficient,” he says.

Google has earned $ 2.51 billion in the second quarter of 2011

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Google announced on Thursday (14) that had a net profit of $ 2.51 billion in the second quarter of 2011, an increase of about 36% over the same period of 2010, when the company earned $ 1 , 84 billion.

Profit and revenue from Google were beyond the expectations of Wall Street, even with the continued growth of the Internet giant’s spending. With earnings of $ 2.51 billion, the company’s stock price is U.S. $ 7.68 per share, compared with U.S. $ 5.71 in the same period in 2010.

Excluding special items, Google said it had profited $ 8.74 per share, more than the average analyst forecast of $ 7.85 per share.

Net income, excluding fees paid to partner sites, rose 36 percent annually to 6.92 billion dollars, up from 6.55 billion dollars expected by analysts polled by Thomson Reuters.

The company’s operating expenses increased 49 percent year on year to 2.97 billion dollars.

Twitter prepares automated ads for major clients

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Twitter Logo

Twitter Logo

Twitter is negotiating with major advertisers and will soon allow them to adapt, automate and run ads in mass microblogging, according to two sources familiar with the matter. The company will soon offer an application programming interface (API) that help advertising agencies to produce large volume of ads in Twitter. Access to the API, Twitter plans to start using in the fourth quarter, will be offered initially as a test, involving limited number of partners. The ruling could boost business advertising on Twitter to open the doors to large agencies, online marketing that rely on tools to produce ads run on sites like Google and Facebook. “This will create more opportunity for advertisers to participate in the market. At the moment, we need to contact a dealer “before publishing an announcement on Twitter, one source said. The company created five years ago is taking steps to accelerate its revenue in a period in which its market value is high and growing expectation for you to follow in the footsteps of LinkedIn and Groupon with an initial public offering of its shares. According to a recent report in “New York Times’ Twitter wants to raise $ 400 million in capital, based on a valuation of $ 8 billion to its market value.

Study reveals that more than 73% of Google+ users are male

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Google+ social network was launched on June 28

Google+ social network was launched on June 28


Statistics on the social networking + Google revealed that 73.70% of site users are male.According to a study the company’s “Find People on Plus” , 94.09% of men registered on the network are in search of love, against 4.96% of women. The study collected data on 947,996 + Google users. Launched on June 28 , the new Google social network is still limited to Internet guests. Among the professionals most commonly found on Google +, 24.56% are engineers, followed by developers (13.57%), designers (10.77%) and software engineers (10.05%).

And among the countries in the network society, the United States was isolated in the first place with 49.12% of internet users are American. India (5.88%) and Sri Lanka (4.89%) were in second and third positions respectively.

An interesting study shows that of those surveyed 947.996, 842.830 say they are not on Facebook, the largest social network currently has nearly 700 million users worldwide.

Microsoft fixes serious flaw that allows invasion via Bluetooth

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Microsoft Update, accessible by the Panel  in Windows Vista and Control 7

Microsoft Update, accessible by the Panel in Windows Vista and Control 7

Microsoft has patched at least 22 vulnerabilities in security update package for July. The most serious problems corrected allows an attacker to completely control a Windows computer that is enabled with Bluetooth. The only limitation is the Bluetooth range, usually no more than a few meters.

A virus could be created to exploit the vulnerability and spread from one notebook to another. Microsoft has confirmed that the problem exists in versions of Windows Vista and 7.

Other flaws fixed in the package involve only the privilege escalation. A hacker will attempt to use a vulnerability of this type only when it has already logged in, but do not have the necessary privileges to perform the commands you want. This happens when the Windows user is limited , for example.

These may be used by viruses to ensure that the system is totally committed even from a user without administrative rights.

The updates can be installed through Microsoft Update, accessible through the Control Panel in Windows Vista and 7 or the Internet  if the system is Windows XP

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