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Failure of Skype for iPhone allows hackers to steal personal data

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A failure in the application program Skype, which allows conversations through voice, video and text iPos for the iPhone and touch can make the user data from being stolen by hackers.

With a malicious JavaScript code sent in the form of chat, criminals can get data such as the victim’s address book and other information contained in the device when the person viewing the message sent.

Version of Skype for iPhone and iPod touch has  flaw that allows hacker attack

Version of Skype for iPhone and iPod touch has flaw that allows hacker attack


Skype issued a statement claiming to have knowledge of the problem and is “working hard to fix a bug in an upcoming update.” This update should be released for free through the iTunes store in the coming days, the company said. The company recommends that users “accept requests to add new contacts in Skype only people I knew and always keeping safety practices to avoid having data stolen.”

Phil Purviance, AppSec Consulting consultant to the company, posted a message on Twitter for almost a month warning of failure. The file access system is hampered by Apple iOS, but each application can access the user’s address book, and if this program has a security hole, hackers can use it to access data.

Opera Software announces purchase of company making application store

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Company tries to become more than a software maker. 
“This acquisition is an important step in that direction,” says executive.

Opera Software, which produces the Opera announced on Monday (19) the acquisition of Handster, creates a platform app store for mobile devices. The information in the purchase are the Opera itself.

According to the software maker to set up Handster the largest independent library of content to devices with the Android software from Google. The company offers its services to telecom operators, handset manufacturers and stores programs.

Devices with the Opera

Devices with the Opera


The platform developed by Handster is compatible with Android, Java, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

“Opera is evolving from being just a browser company to become a company focused on fully integrated mobile services,” said Lars Boilesen, chief executive of Opera. “This acquisition is an important step in that direction.”

Samsung sues Apple in Australia in patent dispute

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South Korea accuses Apple of violating patents on wireless technology. 
Samsung is involved in a fight with Apple since April this year.

Samsung has filed a lawsuit against Apple in Australia, accusing the U.S. company of violating patents on wireless networks. In August, Samsung has delayed the launch of the latest version of the tablet Galaxy in Australia through the patent dispute with Apple. The South Korean manufacturer accuses U.S. of violating seven patents for wireless technology products in iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G , iPhone and iPad 4 2. In a statement, Samsung says that the patents that Apple claims on file in the Galaxy Tab 10.1 were invalid and should be repealed by the courts. A spokesman for Apple Australia was not immediately located for comment.Samsung has already filed lawsuits against Apple because of patents in South Korea, Japan and Germany. In early September, the Justice of Germany responded to a request from Apple to ban sales of the Galaxy in the country.

Apple says that Samsung Devices copy  iPhone and iPad

Apple says that Samsung Devices copy iPhone and iPad


Samsung is involved since April in a dispute with Apple regarding patents tablets and smartphones. The line Galaxy devices are seen as the main rival of the mobile company of Steve Jobs. In a global battle over intellectual property, Apple claims that the Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets copy “in detail” the iPhone and iPad and filed lawsuits against the South Korean group in the United States, Australia, South Korea and Europe.

PHP Fake Mailer With Attachment

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Wikileaks makes objects in the eBay auction to raise funds

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Collection includes items like a bag of coffee from prison, a laptop and a photograph of the site’s founder Assange.

The Wikileaks website, which specializes in leaking classified documents, put up for sale a set of objects associated with its founder Assange, in an attempt to raise funds for its operation.

Among the items being auctioned on eBay are a bag of coffee Assange prison where he was held to bail in London in December 2010, which has a starting price of $ 315 (£ 538), and a laptop used to prepare the U.S. diplomatic documents leaked to the media last year, with bids exceeding $ 6,000 (U.S. $ 10 000).

According to information posted on Twitter by the company, ‘with this exclusive auction item, you get all the files leaked by Wikileaks, and Wikileaks and the computer passwords’.

A picture ‘exclusive’ Assange a starting price of $ 947 (U.S. $ 1,617) is also for sale and had the words: ‘Julian A. Ellingham Hall, July 10, 2011 under house arrest two days before appearing before the high court for his appeal on the day of his 40th birthday. “

Financial problems

Wikileaks has suffered financial problems after losing their main sources of money.

The site has been criticized by several governments after disclose confidential diplomatic information the United States, which, critics say, could endanger some of the people cited as sources.

Assange and other problems between the founders of the site due to his leadership style also hurt the company, while he continues trying to avoid extradition to Sweden where he faces charges of sexual offenses against two women.

Assange says the allegations are true and which are part of a plot against him politically motivated.

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