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Sony confirms attack on the digital platform Movies

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Group says hackers stole more than a million passwords.
In April, the Japanese company suffered a major attack on the Playstation network.


Sony has suffered a new attack by hackers.This time, the affected branch was the platform of digital movies “ attack, which had already been claimed by the group “Lulz Security”, was confirmed in an official statement of the Japanese group on the night of Friday (3).

“Cybercrime which affected Sony and a number of government agencies, businesses and individuals during the last months also affected by Sony Pictures. A group of hackers called ‘LulzSec’ said to have invaded some of our sites,” says statement.

The attack happened on Thursday. The group of hackers announced that he had stolen more than a million passwords, IDs, email and other site data “Sony

In early April, groups of hackers stole data from more than 100 million users of its various departments. The main attack took place in the network of online games to the PlayStation .

In a statement this Friday, the company said it took steps to prevent future invasions.


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