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Experts detect fraud plague security Android 2.3

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Prague uses malicious code to gain access to root. 
Technique allows viruses circumvents the restrictions imposed by Android.

A new virus for Android phones, called GingerMaster, is able to circumvent the security system using malicious code to gain access to the so-called ‘root’. Then it connects to a server run by criminals and awaits commands. The discovery by researchers at the University of North Carolina, USA, in partnership with a security company NetQin.

The plague digital GingerMaster is “packaged” in other legitimate software. Xuxian Jiang, one of the researchers, showed that app that displays pictures of models , for example, was used to spread the plague.

Code works on 2.3 and 2.2 of  Android, according to experts

Code works on 2.3 and 2.2 of Android, according to experts


After infecting the system and exploit a flaw to gain root access, the worm sends information such as identifiers of the device, telephone number and device model for a system on the Internet. According to experts, the virus is also capable of downloading other apps files (. Apk) and install them silently in the system.

The advice offered by experts include paying attention to the permissions requested by apps and use only reliable repositories of apps.

Root access to
the Android mobile operating system based on Linux and developed by Google, adopts a system of permissions that prevent applications from performing certain tasks. Some actions can not be performed in any way for apps. The only way is by using malicious code that gives the application access to root – is known as the system administrator user on computers running Linux.

It is the first time that a virus uses this technique in Android 2.3, called “Gingerbread,” although the code to gain root access has been available since April. To obtain this access, the virus must first be downloaded and run as a normal app.

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