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  • Published: Oct 7th, 2011
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Download iTunes 10.5 Beta 9 Free

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Apple has release iTunes 10.5 Beta 9 to developers. However, some websites have provided direct download links to download iTunes 10.5 Beta 9 without developer accounts.

Here is one such website that has direct download links for iTunes beta 9 for Windows as well as Mac. The download size of iTunes 10.5 is 103 MB.

One of the major upgrades in iTunes 10.5 Beta 9 is Match beta.

iTunes Match

iTunes Match service costs $24.99 per year, and is available as a part iTunes 10.5 Beta 9.

Samsung sues Apple in Australia in patent dispute

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South Korea accuses Apple of violating patents on wireless technology. 
Samsung is involved in a fight with Apple since April this year.

Samsung has filed a lawsuit against Apple in Australia, accusing the U.S. company of violating patents on wireless networks. In August, Samsung has delayed the launch of the latest version of the tablet Galaxy in Australia through the patent dispute with Apple. The South Korean manufacturer accuses U.S. of violating seven patents for wireless technology products in iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G , iPhone and iPad 4 2. In a statement, Samsung says that the patents that Apple claims on file in the Galaxy Tab 10.1 were invalid and should be repealed by the courts. A spokesman for Apple Australia was not immediately located for comment.Samsung has already filed lawsuits against Apple because of patents in South Korea, Japan and Germany. In early September, the Justice of Germany responded to a request from Apple to ban sales of the Galaxy in the country.

Apple says that Samsung Devices copy  iPhone and iPad

Apple says that Samsung Devices copy iPhone and iPad


Samsung is involved since April in a dispute with Apple regarding patents tablets and smartphones. The line Galaxy devices are seen as the main rival of the mobile company of Steve Jobs. In a global battle over intellectual property, Apple claims that the Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets copy “in detail” the iPhone and iPad and filed lawsuits against the South Korean group in the United States, Australia, South Korea and Europe.

Google and Apple are the most valuable brands in the world, says survey

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Google, Apple and Microsoft are the world’s most valuable brands, according to a study by consultancy Brand Finance. “Apple has increased its value by 33%, making it more valuable than Microsoft for the first time,” says a company statement.

The data, released in early September, show what was the value of companies by the end of August. The ranking of most valuable brands is often disseminated throughout the month of January, but says the brand has launched an update in September 2011 due to economic conditions.

Google, which was the most valuable brand in January, following the first ranking position in September. Apple rose from 8th to 2nd place between January and September and took second on the Microsoft.

Among the ten most valuable brands are also IBM, Vodafone and AT & T.

They also showed growth between January and September marks Samsung and Intel, which rose by 24% and 23% in their values, respectively.

Apple cancels rental service episodes of series on iTunes

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Series could be rented for $ 1 per episode.  Lack of content partnerships hurt service.

The Apple canceled the service that allowed users to rent iTunes TV shows. Launched in September 2011 with the new version of the accessory Apple TV, iTunes Rentals did not get hit with users, even with the rental of episodes of the series for $ 1.

According to the site AllThingsDigital, an Apple spokeswoman said that “iTunes users prefer to buy the episodes.” Each episode series is sold in the shop for $ 2 and can be watched many times as you wish.

Apple iTunes Rentals canceled, allowing the  rental of TV dramas

Apple iTunes Rentals canceled, allowing the rental of TV dramas


News Corp. and Disney were the only companies to offer episodes of your rental. The lack of more partners and more content to rent online is appointed with one of the problems faced by the service.

ICloud The service is one that is pointed to by the end of help with iTunes Rentals. With it, iTunes users can download it again for any series or movie you have already acquired and to any device.

The movie rentals through iTunes continues in operation.


New CEO will earn 1 million Apple shares in ten years

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Even if company does not appreciate, as bond equivalent to U.S. $ 383 million. 
Tim Cook replaced Steve Jobs, who left the company on Wednesday.

Apple’s new president, Tim Cook , will win one million of its stock as a bonus if it remains at the helm for ten years. Today, one million of Apple stock worth $ 383 million, but Apple has viéis high in the short and medium term, analysts say, and this value should rise.

According to the company said the Securities and Exchange Commission , a regulatory body that controls the stock market in the United States, Cook will receive 50% of the shares on August 24, 2016, the day they complete five years in office, and the other half at the end the period of ten years on August 24, 2021.

Tim Cook (left). During the event operator  Verizon

Tim Cook (left). During the event operator Verizon

In the document, Apple still informs the body that Steve Jobs as an employee follows the company, appointed as chairman of the board.

Cook, who was chief operating officer at Apple , also joins the board in place that was open since the departure of former Google chief executive Eric Schmidt. Schmidt left the council due to the launch of the Android operating system, which placed the two companies, Apple and Google, the first time as direct competitors in a sector of the technology market.

‘Nothing changes’

The new chief executive on Thursday sent an e-mail to Apple employees stating that “nothing changes” to its effectiveness at the helm in place of Steve Jobs, who left permanently on Wednesday .

In the text, revealed by the blog Ars Technica, Cook said he shares “the optimism of Jobs to Apple’s bright future,” and that Apple will continue to be “the place is magical.”

Jobs, 56, founder of the company and returned to run Apple in 1997 after leaving the company in 1985, underwent surgery to remove a malignant tumor in the pancreas in August 2004. In the first half of 2009 and in January 2011, the businessman took sick leave for health care. On both occasions, Cook was in command of the company that created the iPhone and iPad.

With 50-year-old Cook, who since 2005 has held the post of Chief Operating Officer (COO) joined Apple in 1998 as vice president of operations. He previously worked at Compaq and IBM, where he served for 12 years.

According to Apple, Cook is responsible for sales and the company’s worldwide operations, including supply chain management products, sales activities and customer support and service in various markets and countries.

He developed a reputation as a genius operating, and gets credit for having helped revive Apple after a severe fall that the company has suffered in 90 years, and turn it into what it is today.

Some say that the achievements of Cook, including the Mac command of the division, which is growing again, showed he is more than an expert in supply chain.


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