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Sale of on-line addresses with the suffix ‘. Xxx’ begins on Wednesday

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Addresses will be sold to owners of sites with explicit sexual content. 
It is estimated that there are 370 million porn web addresses.

Companies and individuals who provide sexual and adult content online will start buying domains. Xxx from Wednesday (7), according to ICM Registry, the entity responsible for the address.

The sale will be made by a number of companies selected by the ICM and the prices vary according to the plans of each one.

ICM Registry is giving 50 days for companies outside the porn industry to prevent their brands from being used in fields. XXX. So companies can avoid creating the kind domains.

In March 2011, the international body regulating the internet address, ICANN authorized the use of domains. xxx sites for explicit sexual content .

It is estimated that there are about 370 million addresses in internet porn, which means. Xxx domain could become the world’s most used, perhaps even surpassing it. Com.

Some members of the porn industry, however, oppose the use of. Xxx, stating that the suffix makes censorship and could harm business.

Regulator approves creation of new Internet domains

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Initiative will change ‘. With’ generic domains by themselves.
Organization will begin accepting requests from January 2012.

Companies, cities and organizations can register their own generic domains on the Internet, following the decision taken on Monday (20) by ICANN, an international body regulating the Internet address.The initiative will allow domains ending with the company name or city, for example, instead of. “With”. “Net” or. “Org.”

The decision, considered a milestone in Internet history, was announced by ICANN in a statement issued after the meeting that its board of directors held in Singapore.During the meeting, 13 members voted for the measure, one against and two abstained.

“ICANN has opened the Internet’s addressing system to the limitless possibilities of human imagination. No one can predict where this historic decision will lead us,” said chairman and chief executive of the organization, Rod Beckstrom.

ICANN is the international organization responsible for assigning address space of the numerical Internet protocol (IP) addresses, protocol identifiers and functions of management of the names of generic top level domain (gTLD) and country code (ccTLD) as well as the administration of the root server system.

The organization will begin accepting applications for new application domains gTLD from January 2012.By the time we employ 22 gTLD domains and about 250 other national, as is the case. “Br” for Brazil and ‘. Uk’ for the UK.

Top sites with domain ‘. xxx’ are now up

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The Internet domain “xxx” was released to record sites on Friday (15), almost 11 years after the extension was first proposed. According to the newspaper “Wall Street Journal, three sites have been registered with the new domain “”, “” and “” The first site. “xxx” began to operate from midnight on Saturday (16).

As the site “The Register”, the international governor of addresses on the Internet, ICANN, has also changed its corporate Web site for “” and “ The use of the domain. “Xxx” is unique to sexually explicit sites, said ICANN.

The price for registering a site with purpose. “Xxx” is $ 60 per year, which generated controversy among pornographic websites, which paid fees ranging from $ 10 to take the field. “Com”.However, ICANN claims to have received “pre-reserve” of 600,000 names of unique sites, making. “xxx” a potential deal worth U.S. $ 30 million in its first year, said “The Register”.


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