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‘The Sims’ debut for Facebook with almost 5 million users

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More than 824,000 entered the game on Friday (19). 
Game lets you interact with social network of friends.

The version of the game “The Sims” for the social network Facebook opened on Friday (19) with almost five million active users, a number that adds new users and who participated in the testing phase in recent weeks.

According to GamesIndustry site, over 824 000 players started playing “The Sims Social on Friday and more than 3.66 million participated in the beta.

The game simulates the life of the Sims and lets you create a character that can build a house, buy furniture, to perform activities and interact with characters created by friends on social networking.

'The Sims Social' is version of 'The Sims' to Facebook

'The Sims Social' is version of 'The Sims' to Facebook


“When we created ‘The Sims Social’ was important to join the game plan developed over the years the series with experience in creating games for the social web of Playfish,” said John earner, manager of the studio Playfish in London UK. “Our knowledge about Facebook as a gaming platform allows the dynamic and continue creating titles that have frequent updates.”The developer was acquired by Electronic Arts in 2009.

“The Sims” Social development is in this October 2010 and is free. The player pays only if you want to buy special coins to purchase items and accessories. EA says it will offer items for U.S. companies known as Dunkin ‘Donuts.

With five million users, “Social The Sims” is still far from “CityVille”, Zynga, with 76 million active users. The series “The Sims” was the most sold for the PC at all times, with more than 100 million copies.

Filter games on Facebook is designed to prevent spam, says executive

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Sean Ryan, director of games on the site, talk about games in the social network. 
Currently, 200 million monthly users playing games on the site.

Sean Ryan, director of games for Facebook

Sean Ryan, director of games for Facebook


Avoid all Facebook users, especially those who have no interest in games, receive messages like “help fertilize my farm” in its pages, something that can be classified as spam or unwanted messages, was one of the reasons why the network social created and launched this Friday (12) new functions to enhance the user experience in games.

“We have a good gaming system, but we also have a spam problem. Many games send messages to many who do not want to” said Sean Ryan, director of games on Facebook.“We work in recent months to fix this problem and we did. Our engineers understand how to control this type of message, and if you play games, get any more messages on the subject. If you do not play games, receive little or no message about it” .

What Facebook did was work on the algorithm, the site code that controls what appears on the page of messages (the feed) of the user, trying to understand what it actually does within the social network to display messages that are consistent with these actions. The measures, to include a favorite area of ??the site, allows gamers to return to favorite games more easily.

Currently, 200 million people play games on Facebook each month. Among the 80 most popular games of the social network, the average number of active users is 1 million games and applications are the most popular site, which justifies the effort to further popularize the games.

The highlight, according to Ryan, the channel is “Game Ticker,” which brings real-time updates of games that the user’s friends are playing. “It is located in the right corner at the top of the page and also allows, in addition to seeing the outcome of a game any game of a friend, find new games, you did not know, just by clicking the link.” The executive said the new system will display messages on the page the user related to the more games he plays. “No one will receive something you do not like,” he said.

The idea of ??creating “Ticker” came from Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s creator. “He wanted to make the gaming experience more social and dynamic and the best way to do this is to show the player what his friend is playing in real time,” explains Ryan. “After all, we’re in a social network.”

Facebook launched full screen for some games and column with feed just for games

Facebook launched full screen for some games and column with feed just for games


To receive messages from friends who play games on, the user need not do anything, just play one title. Publications on current games will follow the interests of the gamer, or if it stops playing games with time, the messages no longer appear on your page.

On the possibility that the “Ticker” isolate gamers in the social network, which will receive more messages about the games that access through the system, Ryan says there will not be this problem. “The algorithm adjusts over time, and if you are a gamer, will, yes, see the subject on your page. However, issues such as accessing other pages, for example, you will receive messages on the subject. In the end, the key is what you’re telling Facebook what he likes and is interested in accessing the desired content. “

Although the Facebook gaming system is not initially available on mobile devices, such as iOS and Android platforms and game consoles, Ryan says that cell phones and tablets “are crucial to the company.” “In countries like Russia and Japan, access to Facebook occurs in many mobile devices and not the PC. At the moment, we will not have the system for our mobile applications, but we are studying the best way to do that.”

The goal is that in the future, the filter system is available to all Facebook. “In an ideal world, you only receive messages of themes that he likes and want to receive. We’re not there, down the road that begins in the games.”

Google+ announces addition of games

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Google announced on Thursday (11) that added to the social network games + Google. The gaming service the newly launched social network already includes titles like “Angry Birds,” “Bubble Island”, “Sudoku” and “City of Wonder.” In all, 16 games will be available to users of the site. In his blog, the company explains that this step towards interactive entertainment responds to their desire to make the online play is “as fun and valuable” as the real life.

Google Plus added a new page

Google Plus added a new page

To access the game page, the user must click a button alongside the new tab in circles of friends in social networking. “The games Google + will be there when you want and disappear when they want,” states the company. On the page, users can check the latest achievements made ??by his friends, take a look on invitations received to play and see the titles accessed recently by your contacts.

Google has started to implement the new games page gradually and expects all users have access to the service soon.

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Angry Bird for Chrome have Bug *FIXED*

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Angry bird for chrome : have a serious bug which allow users to unlock all levels!

here it is :

just open

and copy , patse this javascript in your address bar and hit enter :


javascript:var i=0; while(i<=69){localStorage.setItem(‘level_star_’+i,’3′);i++;}window.location.reload();

‘Angry Birds’ reaches 140 million downloads in 16 months

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About 40 million downloads were made between March and April.
Game version is based on Animation ‘Rio’.

The developer reported that the Rovio game for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and PlayStation 3 “Angry Bird” reached the milestone of 140 million downloads in 16 months.

According to the company, 40 million downloads of the game were made between March and April. Are counted paid and free versions of the title, but are not specified platforms.

Besides the original version, a version based on the movie “Rio”.


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