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Chrome becomes the second most popular browser in the UK

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Browser Firefox has surpassed Google in use. 
Explorer is first with 45% market share.

Chrome has increased the number of users in  the UK

Chrome has increased the number of users in the UK


The Chrome browser, Google has surpassed Firefox, Mozilla, and became the second most used browser in the UK, according to research from Statcounter. The Internet Explorer browser, Microsoft is the market leader.

The growth has enabled the Chrome 22.12% of the market in July, while Firefox remained with 21.65%. Although declining in the last 12 months, Internet Explorer has 45.51% share of the browser market in the UK.

On the one hand, according to Statcounter, Google managed to grow the market by introducing the Chrome browser as a lightweight and fast, used as a base operating system Chrome, Chromebooks present in notebooks. Mozilla already has been losing users in 2011, which is why, according to Statcounter, the company launched two new versions of Firefox, the 4 and 5, in a period of three months.

Chrome browser is used by 20% of Internet users

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The Chrome browser, Google’s share reached 20% of Internet users worldwide, according to data from StatCounter. In June 2009, the browser was 2.8%. Since Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s dropped from 59% to 44% over the same period, while Firefox had 30% to 28%.


StatCounter’s research shows that Chrome had a rapid growth, reaching 10% stake in August 2010 and 19% in May. The method used by the company to measure audience of browsers is given by the number of clicks on websites, which shows that users of Chrome are the ones that access the web.


With different search method, counting the number of program users, the Net Aplicattions says that Chrome is 13% of users, presenting with Explorer and Firefox with 54% 2%.


The best performance of Chrome is in South America, with 29.7%, which exceeded the Firefox (24.6%) in April. The IE is used by 44.1% of users in the region.



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