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Failure of Skype for iPhone allows hackers to steal personal data

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A failure in the application program Skype, which allows conversations through voice, video and text iPos for the iPhone and touch can make the user data from being stolen by hackers.

With a malicious JavaScript code sent in the form of chat, criminals can get data such as the victim’s address book and other information contained in the device when the person viewing the message sent.

Version of Skype for iPhone and iPod touch has  flaw that allows hacker attack

Version of Skype for iPhone and iPod touch has flaw that allows hacker attack


Skype issued a statement claiming to have knowledge of the problem and is “working hard to fix a bug in an upcoming update.” This update should be released for free through the iTunes store in the coming days, the company said. The company recommends that users “accept requests to add new contacts in Skype only people I knew and always keeping safety practices to avoid having data stolen.”

Phil Purviance, AppSec Consulting consultant to the company, posted a message on Twitter for almost a month warning of failure. The file access system is hampered by Apple iOS, but each application can access the user’s address book, and if this program has a security hole, hackers can use it to access data.

Hackers attack and overthrow the British police site

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Lulz Security Group claimed responsibility for the attack.
Police are investigating whether there was identity theft.


Hackers temporarily overturned a police agency’s website British Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca), which fights organized crime in Britain and abroad.

The Lulz Security, activist group of hackers who claims to have overthrown the site on Monday Soca (20), attacked a long list of government and corporate sites in recent months.As in other cases, it is likely that a denial of service attack has occurred, through which hackers bombarded the site with so many messages that he is off the air.

“We are aware of allegations that the site was attacked Soca. The picture is not clear at this time but we are investigating the matter with our service provider,” said spokesman Richard Sellors Soca.

The Lulz also raided a site in the United States Senate and took responsibility for temporarily take down the CIA’s public Web site.

The word “Lulz” is derived from the phrase “laugh out loud” or “laughing out loud.”

The group called on his followers to invade and cause damage to government websites.

“The highest priority is to steal and leak classified information and government, including exchanges of emails and documents. The major targets are banks and other high-level,” he said in a statement on Sunday Lulz (19).


Google is ordered to pay $30,000 to an Orkut user

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Personal data and personal page photos were stolen and modified.
Company says it ‘makes no policing role’ in social networks.

Justice of Rio de Janeiro ordered Google to pay $30,000 an Orkut user who had hacked their website.

According to a statement posted on the website of the Court of RJ, the page on the social networking Viviane Buoy Thebes was invaded in 2005 with their photos and personal data stolen and modified. It was created a fake profile, where she was offended and “associated with vulgarity.” She tried contacting Google to remove the fake profile of the air, but claims not to have succeeded.

In its decision, the federal judge Celia Maria Vidal, the 18th Civil Chamber of the Court of Rio, he cited that “the fact reflects the lack of duty of care in hiring and failure in security duty in the services provided to consumers, allowing insertion of harmful content to users, with no monitoring. “

Google said it does not comment on specific cases. In a statement, said, “is not responsible for content posted on Orkut, offering only a platform on which millions of people create and share their own content.” The company says that in case of misuse of social networking, the inappropriate content is removed, but that “does not exercise prior control on content created by users and does not play the role of police or court on these questions.”

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