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Apple hires hacker who unlocked iPhone

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Nicholas Allegra, creator of JailbreakMe, will stage the company. 
Hacker says to ‘fan’ and the company believes Google’s Android, ‘enemy’.

The young American Nicholas Allegra 19 years, renowned for operating systems to unlock the iPhone and iPad, announced on Friday via his Twitter account that in two weeks will begin work on Apple with an ongoing contract.

“I feel useless because I have not done anything in a month and a half,” commented two days ago in social networking site Twitter, where it is known as @comex, already adding on Friday that “it’s been really fun, but it is long lasting and I’m getting bored, so within two weeks I will be interning at Apple

Allegra Nicholas, author of site 'jailbreak', go  to Apple

Allegra Nicholas, author of site 'jailbreak', go to Apple

The young hacker is known for creating the site JailbreakMe, which allowed millions of people around the world to eliminate the restrictions on their iPhones and iPads to install unauthorized applications by visiting the site.

Comex’s identity was revealed a few weeks ago when an editor of business magazine “Forbes” Nicholas was able to interview revealing some aspects of his personality, like the fact that the boy says “Apple fan” and considers the Android operating system as ” an enemy. “


Experts detect fraud plague security Android 2.3

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Prague uses malicious code to gain access to root. 
Technique allows viruses circumvents the restrictions imposed by Android.

A new virus for Android phones, called GingerMaster, is able to circumvent the security system using malicious code to gain access to the so-called ‘root’. Then it connects to a server run by criminals and awaits commands. The discovery by researchers at the University of North Carolina, USA, in partnership with a security company NetQin.

The plague digital GingerMaster is “packaged” in other legitimate software. Xuxian Jiang, one of the researchers, showed that app that displays pictures of models , for example, was used to spread the plague.

Code works on 2.3 and 2.2 of  Android, according to experts

Code works on 2.3 and 2.2 of Android, according to experts


After infecting the system and exploit a flaw to gain root access, the worm sends information such as identifiers of the device, telephone number and device model for a system on the Internet. According to experts, the virus is also capable of downloading other apps files (. Apk) and install them silently in the system.

The advice offered by experts include paying attention to the permissions requested by apps and use only reliable repositories of apps.

Root access to
the Android mobile operating system based on Linux and developed by Google, adopts a system of permissions that prevent applications from performing certain tasks. Some actions can not be performed in any way for apps. The only way is by using malicious code that gives the application access to root – is known as the system administrator user on computers running Linux.

It is the first time that a virus uses this technique in Android 2.3, called “Gingerbread,” although the code to gain root access has been available since April. To obtain this access, the virus must first be downloaded and run as a normal app.

More than 25,000 South Koreans gather to sue Apple

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They accuse the company of Steve Jobs’ breach of privacy. 
Resource iPhone collected and stored the location of users.

More than 25,000 iPhone users in South Korea initiated a class action lawsuit on Wednesday (17) against Apple for alleged breach of privacy in a resort location of the device . According to the law firm Miraelaw, the lawyer-Hyung Kim Suk won one million won (U.S. $ 933) in compensation in June , the first paid by Apple in South blushed Since then, Kim began preparing a class action against Apple, an action that materialized on Wednesday (17) bringing together 26,691 users who demand one million won (U.S. $ 926) each, which projects the share value of around U.S. $ 26 million.

Members of South Korea filed a class action lawsuit against Apple

Members of South Korea filed a class action lawsuit against Apple


“Here is the demand demanding compensation for South Korean subsidiary of Apple for emotional harm caused by the tracking system and location of the iPhone,” the office said in a statement. The court proceedings take place in Changwon, Seoul. In May, Apple updated the iPhone software used to correct the problems that resulted in the storage location data of users for over a year. South Korea has three million iPhone users.


Anonymous Hackers will attack Facebook on November

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Great attack is planned to take place on November 5. 
“Facebook knows more about you than your family,” says the message.

This message was published in twitter by anons

This message was published in twitter by anons


The hacker group Anonymous, responsible for a series of attacks on websites of governments, companies and credit card network games online PlayStation Network (PSN), Sony announced it will hold a mass attack against Facebook in November 5. The goal of the criminals is to overthrow the site, which has more than 700 million registered users.

The attack was confirmed through Twitter and a video posted on YouTube. In it, the recording says that social networking has helped governments, “selling information to users and ensuring access to clandestine security firms to spy on people all over the world.”

The 5th of November was chosen to be related to the comic book “V for Vendetta,” whose main character, Guy Fawkes is remembered by members of Anonymous in the use of the mask feature presented in the series.

They even say in the statement that “everything you do on Facebook is the social network, regardless of privacy settings,” and that “it is impossible to delete the account because the data are stored on Facebook.” “Facebook knows more about you than your family,” says the message.

The group also warns that the day of the attack “will go down in history.”

Even Twitter, Anonymous posted a message saying that he was organizing what it calls “Operation Facebook” (# opfacebook), but not all members agreed or participated in the preparation of the attack.

There are suspicions that the attacks are to try to strengthen the social network Anon +, created by the gruop. The community site for Google + service was banned by Google, which would have angered members of Anonymous.

Facebook would not comment on the threats so far.

During the movement "Real Democracy Now" in Madrid (Spain), a person is seen with a mask of Guy Fawkes, from "V for revenge 'used by members of the hacker group Anonymous

During the movement "Real Democracy Now" in Madrid (Spain), a person is seen with a mask of Guy Fawkes, from "V for revenge 'used by members of the hacker group Anonymous

‘Spam King’ arrested after sending 27 million messages on Facebook

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Sanfored Wallace will face 11 charges of fraud. 
He developed program to trick social network protection.

'Spam King' used Facebook to send  messages

'Spam King' used Facebook to send messages

Sanford Wallace, known as “Spam King”, surrendered to U.S. authorities after being accused of masterminding a scheme that sent more than 27 million unsolicited messages through Facebook’s servers.

The Las Vegas man surrendered to FBI agents and will face 11 charges of fraud, malicious damage to a protected computer and criminal contempt for violating previous orders to stay away from social networks Facebook and MySpace, said prosecutors in California at the end of the fifth Tuesday (4).

Wallace, 43, developed a program to avoid spam filters Facebook and posted messages urging users to visit a site, supposedly from a friend, according to the indictment unsealed on Thursday.

Instead, unsuspecting users were encouraged to provide their e-mails and passwords and then redirected to an affiliate site that gave Wallace a “substantial revenue” by driving traffic, the indictment said.

The program Wallace collected the information, including lists of friends, and sent spam messages to them.

Accounts of about 500,000 Facebook users have been committed between November 2008 and March 2009, sending more than 27 million messages, federal prosecutors said.

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