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Wikileaks makes objects in the eBay auction to raise funds

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Collection includes items like a bag of coffee from prison, a laptop and a photograph of the site’s founder Assange.

The Wikileaks website, which specializes in leaking classified documents, put up for sale a set of objects associated with its founder Assange, in an attempt to raise funds for its operation.

Among the items being auctioned on eBay are a bag of coffee Assange prison where he was held to bail in London in December 2010, which has a starting price of $ 315 (£ 538), and a laptop used to prepare the U.S. diplomatic documents leaked to the media last year, with bids exceeding $ 6,000 (U.S. $ 10 000).

According to information posted on Twitter by the company, ‘with this exclusive auction item, you get all the files leaked by Wikileaks, and Wikileaks and the computer passwords’.

A picture ‘exclusive’ Assange a starting price of $ 947 (U.S. $ 1,617) is also for sale and had the words: ‘Julian A. Ellingham Hall, July 10, 2011 under house arrest two days before appearing before the high court for his appeal on the day of his 40th birthday. “

Financial problems

Wikileaks has suffered financial problems after losing their main sources of money.

The site has been criticized by several governments after disclose confidential diplomatic information the United States, which, critics say, could endanger some of the people cited as sources.

Assange and other problems between the founders of the site due to his leadership style also hurt the company, while he continues trying to avoid extradition to Sweden where he faces charges of sexual offenses against two women.

Assange says the allegations are true and which are part of a plot against him politically motivated.

Google Docs back to work after crash that left files out of the air

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A failure in access to editing and storing documents in the cloud of Google, Google Docs , let Internet users have difficulty to open text files, spreadsheets and presentations for over an hour on the evening of Wednesday.

The service went off the air at about 18h (GMT) and was completely inaccessible for about half an hour. The site returned to the air, but with an error message. “We are aware of problems with Google Docs and are working to resolve them as quickly as possible,” the company said in a statement.

At 19.18, Google announced that service had been restored completely. “We apologize for the inconvenience,” said new message from Google.

Google Docs, which competes with packaged applications for offices such as Office, Microsoft, until recently only worked with an Internet connection. In late August, however, Google announced that it would create an application to allow Chrome users have access to the service without being connected to the network .

The failure also exposes one of the problems caused by so-called cloud computing, where information and programs are to be stored on servers on the Internet, rather than the user’s computer. A flaw in a service provider leaves thousands of users without access. But according to proponents of the model, such failures are unusual, especially when compared to problems with personal computers that can also harm the user access to a program or file.

Cars are the next target for hackers, says maker of antivirus

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The emergence of smart cars – filled with sensors and functions controlled by onboard computers more powerful – is the vehicle the next target for hackers. The statement is the developer of McAfee antivirus, which released a study done in partnership with the creator of mobile programs and Escrypt Wind River, which manufactures security systems for microcontrollers.

According to the study, hackers can attack systems technology for cars to take control of the vehicle, and track your location or steal data from devices that can connect to it, such as smartphones and tablets.

Stefan Savage, one of the creators of viruses capable of  infecting cars

Stefan Savage, one of the creators of viruses capable of infecting cars


Security concerns increase in cars with the upgrading of vehicles, which in some countries have sophisticated on-board computers. This technology allows, for example, that the car is able to monitor functions such as tire pressure, condition of brakes and engine. There are also systems for distribution of digital entertainment for passengers and communication between the mobile phone and stereo, especially for calls in speakerphone or with the aid of GPS navigation.

Virus per song
In March, a group of researchers led by Stefan Savage and Tadayoshi Kohno announced the publication of research that shows ways to compromise the security of a car. The most interesting developed by the researchers involves the use of a digital archive of music that when played in car stereo system, allows them to execute malicious code on the vehicle.

Other methods developed by the group involve the Bluetooth network, the cellular network and malicious code, diagnostic tools used in repair centers .

Experts from the universities of Washington and San Diego are involved with the subject for at least two years. In 2010, published a paper showing what you could do with a laptop connected to an onboard computer system of a car. In the article, they showed that it was possible to control the system of the car to “turn off the brakes, a wheel-specific brake, stop the engine, among others.” In this first article, researchers have shown how a virus could install in the car.

In research being published now, entitled (in translation) “Comprehensive analysis and experimental auto attack surfaces”, the experts show how attackers could use several techniques to perform the attack, without relying on a direct connection from a notebook the car.

Once infected, a vehicle could be remotely unlocked to facilitate theft, the researchers said. The car is considered 2009, but neither the manufacturer nor the model have been reported.

Apple hires hacker who unlocked iPhone

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Nicholas Allegra, creator of JailbreakMe, will stage the company. 
Hacker says to ‘fan’ and the company believes Google’s Android, ‘enemy’.

The young American Nicholas Allegra 19 years, renowned for operating systems to unlock the iPhone and iPad, announced on Friday via his Twitter account that in two weeks will begin work on Apple with an ongoing contract.

“I feel useless because I have not done anything in a month and a half,” commented two days ago in social networking site Twitter, where it is known as @comex, already adding on Friday that “it’s been really fun, but it is long lasting and I’m getting bored, so within two weeks I will be interning at Apple

Allegra Nicholas, author of site 'jailbreak', go  to Apple

Allegra Nicholas, author of site 'jailbreak', go to Apple

The young hacker is known for creating the site JailbreakMe, which allowed millions of people around the world to eliminate the restrictions on their iPhones and iPads to install unauthorized applications by visiting the site.

Comex’s identity was revealed a few weeks ago when an editor of business magazine “Forbes” Nicholas was able to interview revealing some aspects of his personality, like the fact that the boy says “Apple fan” and considers the Android operating system as ” an enemy. “


Wikileaks back thousands of posts to publish diplomatic

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WikiLeaks said on Thursday (25) which is releasing tens of thousands of U.S. diplomatic posts, some still confidential.

“At the end of the day, we published more than 100 000 messages coming from the diplomatic world,” said a posting on Twitter WikiLeaks.

It is believed that the group page on Twitter to be controlled by Assange, the controversial founder and head of the Australian-born WikiLeaks.

Page WikiLeks, who returned to disclose  diplomatic posts

Page WikiLeks, who returned to disclose diplomatic posts

Documents which the site claims to be taking the public appear to be of a provision of more than 250 000 messages leaked to the group. WikiLeaks the telegrams began to spread in small lots at the end of last year, but until now had only revealed in a piecemeal fashion.

Several news organizations around the world, including Reuters, had complete sets of cables for months. But most of them just been published or cited by the media when it came to specific stories or based on the investigative documents.

On the afternoon of Thursday, the Web site WikiLeaks said he had published 97,115 of 251,287 telegrams in his possession. The organization did not specify his reasons to disclose such a large amount of material at once.

A person in contact with the circle of relationships Assange told Reuters that the logic behind the mass dissemination of the documents is discouragement among activists WikiLeaks because the media have lost interest in publishing news-based material.

The source described Assange and his associates as “frustrated” with the lack of media interest.

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