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Google closes site that allowed users to test designs

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Google Labs had about 56 products under test. 
Company says it wants to focus on new ‘major product’.

Google ended Google Labs (Photo Play)

Google ended Google Labs (Photo Play)


Google announced on Wednesday (20) via its official blog that is ending the activities of Google Labs. The project gathered at an experimental stage products created by engineers of the company so that users could test them. According to the company, the reason of closing of Google Labs is part of its strategy to “prioritize other important products.”

In a message on the site, Bill Coughran, vice president of research and systems infrastructure at Google, said it would require “more focus if the company wants to make the most of opportunities that arise ahead.” He said many of the products which have emerged in Labs and are available in Android Market application store the operating system of the company, continue to be available. “Labs Products can still be incorporated into other areas,” he said.

Google Labs has about 56 products like Swiffy, which converts Flash files for HTML5 , Scribe, text editor that suggests words to streamline the production of content, and the Body, a 3D model of the human body. Google Goggles, which uses images to perform web searches, appeared in Google Labs.

Hacker group ‘Anonymous’ announces the launch of its social network

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Initiative was motivated by the fact that the group had been banned from Google +. 
Group, responsible for attacks on businesses, the site named “Anon + ‘.

Anonymous social network created in response  to Google +, which has barred entry of  the network group

Anonymous social network created in response to Google +, which has barred entry of the network group

The Anonymous, hacker group that gained notoriety in recent months with a series of attacks against companies , announced the creation of your own social network, dubbed Anon+ .

In a message posted on Sunday (17) blog Your News Anon , Anonymous left the impression that the initiative was motivated by the fact that the group had been banned from Google +, Google’s new social network. “This is a sad example of what happens on the Internet when you walk into a different beat of the drum,” it said.

In the same address, Anonymous posted a message that was sent by Google, claiming that after reviewing the profile of the group, the company had understood that the content of some posts on Google + violated standards of conduct for this community.

In the message that refers to the creation of the Anon +, pointed out that hackers are common cases of activists being banned from sites like Facebook and Twitter YouTube, and the prohibition of access to these social networks by governments around the world.

“Those days are coming to an end. We are building our own social network.’ve Had enough of governments and corporations telling you what is best for us and what is safe for our minds. The time of sheep over,” concludes the post, which also contains a link to access the Anon +.

Hackers steal information registered on the site of fans of Lady Gaga

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Hacker group called “Swagger Security” published on Twitter Information supposed fans of Lady Gaga registered on the site of the singer in the UK. As the British newspaper “Daily Mirror”, no password is obtained in the attack, only names and e-mail. The record company Universal has confirmed to the newspaper on Saturday (16) hackers entered the database . uk , but there was no access to financial data. The attack would have happened on June 27. The site “Mail Online” said Lady Gaga told the police after learning of the action of hackers.

A spokesman for Universal said that additional security measures were adopted to protect the site information. “All affected users were warned,” he added. The group “SwagSec” would have attacked other Universal artists, including Amy Winehouse and Justin Bieber.

Lady Gaga site in the UK would have been invaded by hackers

Lady Gaga site in the UK would have been invaded by hackers


Lady Gaga was the target of boos on Wednesday (13) in Sydney, Australia, singing in a wheelchair. The singer played the theme “You and I” at the Sydney Town Hall sitting in a wheelchair, which won the audience boos and a shower of eggs toward the stage. The singer’s appearance has also been criticism from various groups of disabled people in the U.S.. One day after the controversy, the official account of Lady Gaga YouTube off the air during Thursday (14) for violations of rights policy copyright. On Friday, the page returned to the air normally. The closing of the account is related to the team by posting a video of the singer the “Smap x smap,” the station’s Japanese “Fuji TV”, which asked YouTube to suspend the account until you resolve the conflict.

Study reveals that more than 73% of Google+ users are male

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Google+ social network was launched on June 28

Google+ social network was launched on June 28


Statistics on the social networking + Google revealed that 73.70% of site users are male.According to a study the company’s “Find People on Plus” , 94.09% of men registered on the network are in search of love, against 4.96% of women. The study collected data on 947,996 + Google users. Launched on June 28 , the new Google social network is still limited to Internet guests. Among the professionals most commonly found on Google +, 24.56% are engineers, followed by developers (13.57%), designers (10.77%) and software engineers (10.05%).

And among the countries in the network society, the United States was isolated in the first place with 49.12% of internet users are American. India (5.88%) and Sri Lanka (4.89%) were in second and third positions respectively.

An interesting study shows that of those surveyed 947.996, 842.830 say they are not on Facebook, the largest social network currently has nearly 700 million users worldwide.

Microsoft fixes serious flaw that allows invasion via Bluetooth

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Microsoft Update, accessible by the Panel  in Windows Vista and Control 7

Microsoft Update, accessible by the Panel in Windows Vista and Control 7

Microsoft has patched at least 22 vulnerabilities in security update package for July. The most serious problems corrected allows an attacker to completely control a Windows computer that is enabled with Bluetooth. The only limitation is the Bluetooth range, usually no more than a few meters.

A virus could be created to exploit the vulnerability and spread from one notebook to another. Microsoft has confirmed that the problem exists in versions of Windows Vista and 7.

Other flaws fixed in the package involve only the privilege escalation. A hacker will attempt to use a vulnerability of this type only when it has already logged in, but do not have the necessary privileges to perform the commands you want. This happens when the Windows user is limited , for example.

These may be used by viruses to ensure that the system is totally committed even from a user without administrative rights.

The updates can be installed through Microsoft Update, accessible through the Control Panel in Windows Vista and 7 or the Internet  if the system is Windows XP

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