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Google + site becomes the 8th most visited U.S. social, survey says

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After social networking site has grown to be open to all interested parties. 
Analysis showed an increase of 1,269% in the number of visits in a week.

The Google site + became the 8th most popular social networking site in the United States in just four days after opening the social network for all interested parties. The data were published by Heather Dougherty, a researcher at Hitwise.

According to Dougherty, the site was ranked 54 in the period prior to opening. On the last day on September 20, Google + has become a social network open to all – rather, it was necessary to have an invitation.

Besides the popularity, the site of the network “has emerged as the third largest category in Social Networks and Forums in the U.S.,” says Dougherty. “Just one day after the site was opened.”

The analysis of the survey also showed that there was a growth of 1,269% in the number of visits to Google this week that ended on Sept. 17 that ended on the 24th.

Poker site online gives blow $ 300 million, says U.S. court

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Full Tilt Poker is accused of operating as a Ponzi scheme. 
owners used money from user accounts to pay their own salaries.

The Department of Justice of the United States discovered a fraud scheme in poker site online “Full Tilt Poker,” and fired executives criminally responsible for the page.According to the article “Wall Street Journal,” the owners used the site for money laundering.

“This is not a poker site, but rather a global financial pyramid scheme,” said a statement signed by the prosecutor of the State of New York, Preet Bharara.

Poker site housed coup, the second Justice  of the United States

Poker site housed coup, the second Justice of the United States


According to estimates by the U.S. court, the portal would have taken $ 300 million of players who were victims of the coup.

To play, users buy virtual chips by depositing money into accounts controlled by the site, which promised that the values ??would be available for withdrawal at any time. The amount, however, was immediately used to pay premiums due to other players and the pay of executives, including professional poker players.

In March, the company had about $ 390 million players worldwide. Part of this amount has been paid, but the company still needs to repay $ 300 million, according to Justice.

Google and Apple are the most valuable brands in the world, says survey

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Google, Apple and Microsoft are the world’s most valuable brands, according to a study by consultancy Brand Finance. “Apple has increased its value by 33%, making it more valuable than Microsoft for the first time,” says a company statement.

The data, released in early September, show what was the value of companies by the end of August. The ranking of most valuable brands is often disseminated throughout the month of January, but says the brand has launched an update in September 2011 due to economic conditions.

Google, which was the most valuable brand in January, following the first ranking position in September. Apple rose from 8th to 2nd place between January and September and took second on the Microsoft.

Among the ten most valuable brands are also IBM, Vodafone and AT & T.

They also showed growth between January and September marks Samsung and Intel, which rose by 24% and 23% in their values, respectively.

Facebook decides to postpone its initial public offering, says newspaper

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Mark Zuckerberg wants employees are focused on products. 
the company’s IPO will be done until the end of 2012.

Facebook will postpone its initial public offering (IPO, its acronym in English) by the end of 2012, so your employees can focus on product development for the social network, according to the “Financial Times”.

Facebook plans to make its offer in late 2012, a delay compared to initial plans, the newspaper said, citing people familiar with the routine of the company as a source. The expectation is that the social network’s IPO is one of the largest in history.

The “Financial Times” says Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of the company, wants to delay the IPO for its employees may be focused on “product development, not payments.” The decision was made not by market conditions, the newspaper said.

Sources told Reuters earlier this month that Facebook’s revenue doubled to $ 1.6 billion in the first half of 2011.

Microsoft releases download of a second test version of Windows 8

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Microsoft released late on Tuesday (13) the first test version of new Windows 8. The program is available for download at in 32 and 64 bit versions.

The company revealed details of Windows 8 on Tuesday (13) during the conference opening Built in Anaheim, California. The program, which will focus not only on traditional computers with Intel processors (PCs), but also for tablets, will bring new interface aimed at control by touch screen, integration with the “cloud” of the Internet and an online store for purchase and download free applications. View images of Windows 8 .

New version of Windows running on tablet with  ARM processor

New version of Windows running on tablet with ARM processor


The company also showed the first tablet with the operating system, manufactured by Samsung and Samsung named Developer Windows PC. The device, which initially will not be sold to customers, was distributed to developers at the conference. The previous version was also released to developers on Tuesday. Without disclosing dates, the company confirmed it will open a phase of beta testing before the final release of the product.

Steven Sinofsky at the presentation of  Windows 8

Steven Sinofsky at the presentation of Windows 8

Presenting the new operating system made ??by the president of the Windows division of Microsoft , Steven Sinofsky, the company announced that the new version does not mark a break with Windows 7, and that programs designed for the current system will be compatible with Windows 8.

The adaptation of the traditional Windows for use in tablets with ARM architecture -announced by company president Steve Ballmer in January - shows that Microsoft has adopted a different strategy from the current leader of this new market, Apple. The company founded by Steve Jobs has different systems for different product lines, the iPad Mac computers and Microsoft decided to make a single system.

Incidence of new Windows screen, also with the visual 'MetroUI', more suitable for tablets and computers operated by touch screens

Incidence of new Windows screen, also with the visual 'MetroUI', more suitable for tablets and computers operated by touch screens


“It’s an evolution. Everything that was good in Windows 7, Windows 8 will be better,” said Sinofsky. During the presentation, the executive used a Lenovo netbook that had been used for three years in the presentation of Windows 7. The old system took up 540 MB of RAM the machine. The new version of “slimmed down”, and uses 281 MB.

During the presentation, Sinofsky stressed that Microsoft wants to bring Windows to the new trend of computers in the form of tablets, but without breaking the functions of Windows 7 have the greatest success of the company. The successor of Vista sold 450 million copies, and three years after the market finally uper Windows XP - launched in 2001 – as most used operating system for personal computers.

Steven Sinofsky during presentation of the new  Windows in the United States 8

Steven Sinofsky during presentation of the new Windows in the United States 8

According to Sinofsky, the program will follow two trends that have emerged in recent years: touch screens and portable, the user is not content to just carry but want to use while moving. “A new way to use the computer came up windows and we want the answer to that,” Sinofsky said that he repeated throughout the presentation that the new interface is “touch-centric”, ie geared to be operated by touching the screen .

“Windows 7 was already enabled for touch screens, but we’ve improved in Windows 8. Once you use a device with touch screen with Windows 8, you will want to touch any equipment.”

“But there will be a time when you may need a mouse or a keyboard, and Windows 8 will also work in the traditional way. It is you who must choose how to interact with the program,” said Sinofsky.

This is the desktop of the new Windows 8, which uses the user interface called 'MetroUI', inherited from the Zune and currently used in mobile phones with Windows Phone 7

This is the desktop of the new Windows 8, which uses the user interface called 'MetroUI', inherited from the Zune and currently used in mobile phones with Windows Phone 7

Home screen
if the main change is in the new Windows graphical interface, the initial screen is what draws the most attention. Based in the “MetroUI,” originally created for the Zune MP3 player but that has been integrated into mobile Phone with Windows 7 and the Xbox video game, the screen uses “blocks” to represent programs and operating system functions.

“The home screen is a focal point for opening programs and to access those already working,” Sinofsky said. Within the applications, the user can access a taskbar at the bottom and one on the right – you have to slide your finger across the screen to access them. The right corner allows interaction between applications and access functions of Windows itself.

Among the novelties of the new system is also a reduction in the number of notifications that you receive from Windows. “We will have pop-ups or clocks counting down to the updates. There will be only a small notice on the login screen of the user,” said Steven Sinofsky.

For developers, Windows 8 seems to bring more creative in comparison with one of their new competitors, the iPad. “Windows 8 lets you choose the language you want to use for your application constriuir,” Sinofsky said.

Demonstration of 'boot' PC in less than 10  seconds

Demonstration of 'boot' PC in less than 10 seconds

A significant change for developers is how to provide programs to users. Now, you can buy or download free applications from a digital store managed by Microsoft, such as the famous “App Store” Apple or Android Market, Google’s operating system for mobile phones and tablets.

“We want to keep alive the ecosystem that exists around the windows, but we also offer this new option for developers,” said Sinofsky.The app store will also work in the scheme of “blocks”, through which the user can navigate and choose your programs.

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