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Poke His Nose

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Hello Friends!

We are here to launch our new website – .

Its a website of a game, a single game . Where you have to poke a man’s nose !

if you poked , then his nose will bleed and if not , then nothing will happen!

Poke his nose!

Poke his nose!



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New version of Firefox is released one day before the date

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Download Firefox 6 can be done by the manufacturer Mozilla FTP. 
browser company says is 20% faster than previous version.

The release of Firefox 6, new version of Web browser, will have its official launch on Tuesday (16), but the manufacturer has already provided the installation file of the program on Monday (15).

The download is free and can be done in versions for Windows , Mac and Linux .

Firefox 6, according to Mozilla, is 20% faster than the previous version, the application load time was reduced and the computer can determine whether users want to carry their teams to start the browser or downloading them within the tool Panorama grouping.

Firefox 6 is now available for download

Firefox 6 is now available for download

Apple releases new OS for Mac

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Program can be purchased for $30 in store. 
OS X Lion takes the best ideas from iPad and brings to the Mac

Steve Jobs talks about the operating system Lion  at an event in the U.S.

Steve Jobs talks about the operating system Lion at an event in the U.S.

Apple released on Wednesday (20) in the Mac store App Store version of the new operating system for Macintosh computers, OS X Lion. The program can now be purchased for $30 .

The confirmation of the arrival of the new operating system was made ??on Tuesday (19) during the company’s announcement of the results in the second quarter of 2011.

The new OS X Lion, Jobs announced the second in 2010 , brings back to the computer functions developed in iOS, which runs on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. So the Lion takes the best ideas and brings iPad Macintosh computers. The absence of a display system application in full screen, one of the shortcomings of those who migrated from Mac to Windows environment, has also been fixed. Now, the “+” button, integrated with all the windows, not only uses as much screen space that the program deems necessary: ??when you click it, the user causes the content to take the whole screen, without any unnecessary frame .

Mac OS X Lion brings a new way to view the programs running on the MacBook

Mac OS X Lion brings a new way to view the programs running on the MacBook

Other features of the system is the “Mission Control”, a new way to view the programs running on the MacBook, and new moves to the Multi-Touch. The Lion also includes the Mac App Store, app store for MacBook, launched in January , and Launchpad, which includes all applications have already downloaded to your computer.

In addition to automatically saving all changes made in a job – one of the new features of the system – OS X Lion keeps a history of the document and presented in a timeline that can be traveled by the user.

New feature keeps a history of the document and presented in a timeline (Reuters)

New feature keeps a history of the document and presented in a timeline (Reuters)

Facebook relaunches website dedicated to musicians and fans

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Facebook has relaunched the website dedicated to musicians and fans’ Music on Facebook , “which helps artists and other industry members to enjoy all the benefits of social networking.

The page also gives some options for artists to “enjoy” like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, who have thousands of fans on the site. The “Music on Facebook was launched in 2008 as a way to embed the bands in the social network. However, the page fell into oblivion.

“We want to get better to help people in the music industry to connect with each other and with their fans,” said a spokesman for Facebook.

The social network also has similar pages for film and journalism.

Wikileaks secret archives and newspapers report on Guantanamo

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The Spanish newspaper El Pais, and the U.S. newspaper The New York Times and Washington Post published on their web pages from Sunday night (24) and early this Monday (25) details on the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The three vehicles speak of 759 sheets of 779 prisoners who passed through the prison. The information was obtained by the website Wikileaks.

“759 secret reports reveal abuses at Guantanamo. The documents show that the main purpose of prison was to explore all the information from prisoners, in spite of the innocence of many of them. 60% were taken to a military base without a foreseeable threat,” says El Pais.

According to the newspaper, there are cases that even the U.S. government knows the reason that some of the prisoners were taken to Guantanamo, and that there are other findings that the inmate does not offer any danger, as a father who went to fetch the child in front Taliban, a merchant who was traveling without documentation and a man who was hitchhiking to buy medicine.

The New York Times notes that “the secret documents reveal that most of the remaining 172 prisoners are classified as” high risk “because it constitutes threat to the United States and its allies if released without adequate rehabilitation and supervision. But they also show that an even larger number of prisoners who left Cuba – about a third of the 600 already transferred to other countries – were also classified as “high risk” before being released. “

The New York Times says that “documents were obtained by Wikileaks last year, but were provided to The Times from another source.”

The other vehicles claim to have had access to documents along with other international media and through Wikileaks.

El Pais says that the Pentagon issued a statement deploring the publication of secret documents on behalf of the sensitivity to U.S. security.


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