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Opera Software announces purchase of company making application store

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Company tries to become more than a software maker. 
“This acquisition is an important step in that direction,” says executive.

Opera Software, which produces the Opera announced on Monday (19) the acquisition of Handster, creates a platform app store for mobile devices. The information in the purchase are the Opera itself.

According to the software maker to set up Handster the largest independent library of content to devices with the Android software from Google. The company offers its services to telecom operators, handset manufacturers and stores programs.

Devices with the Opera

Devices with the Opera


The platform developed by Handster is compatible with Android, Java, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

“Opera is evolving from being just a browser company to become a company focused on fully integrated mobile services,” said Lars Boilesen, chief executive of Opera. “This acquisition is an important step in that direction.”

Twitter confirms the purchase of application TweetDeck

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Twitter confirmed on Wednesday (25), via its official blog , buying the tool API. “Today, we are pleased to announce that the team will join TweetDeck Twitter.” On Tuesday, the U.S. network CNN had reported the purchase of the Twitter API for over U.S. $ 40 million. The microblog, however, did not confirm the transaction value.

The API also reported the purchase on its official blog . “We completed the deal on Tuesday (24) and now we are in the process of ‘joining the herd,’” said the post. “We have grown from a single integral in the team to a group of fifteen people and a user base of millions,” added the company, admitting that changes can happen.

According to CNN, the sale was signed by Twitter on Monday (23). The social network would become TweetDeck through cash and stock. In the blog, Twitter has said it would continue investing in the API. “The application allows users, brands and businesses to use the platform to monitor conversations in real time.”

During the past months, TweetDeck has been the subject of rumors of sale for the first UberMedia who offered between $ 25 and $ 30 million, and later for Twitter . Analysts said the purchase was a defensive maneuver of the social network to prevent competitors administer the application.

The API is a free application and is available for desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android and Google Chrome Web.


Check out the news of the latest system upgrade Ubuntu

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Since April 28 is available for download the final release of Ubuntu 4.11, or also known as “Natty Narwhal.” Considered the most popular Linux distribution market, Ubuntu brings many new features to its users.

In this column I will present the main features of the operating system free and open source, that each version brings its users a feature-rich platform.

Manager graphical environment
Among the improvements implemented in Ubuntu, there is the Unity, the new manager graphical environment developed by the maintainer of the distribution. Unlike other operating systems, Linux allows the user to choose what will be the manager’s graphical environment. The advantage of this freedom of choice, is to match the features most appropriate to the hardware on which the system will be installed. That is, if the PC does not have a great performance, you can opt for a GUI “lighter” so that the user can take best advantage of your machine.

Already in the latest equipment, the system relies on a variety of graphical effects to make the usability of the system even more functional. Although Ubuntu 4.11 come with Unity as its default desktop environment manager, if the hardware is not supported, the operating system is loaded with the manager “Classic”, present in earlier versions. This is also valid if the user prefers Gnome with the manager. Of course, other graphical environments are also supported and are available in the “Programs Center Ubuntu.”

Due to this change, there was a unification between versions of the system aimed at laptops.Up to version 10.10, Netbooks users could choose between the traditional version of the system, or specific to this kind of PC. In the current version, there is only a Server or Desktop versions, since Unity is also recommended for use in Netbooks.

Try before you install the programs
It is possible to assess whether the software is about to be installed is actually compatible with the operating system. It will also be allowed users to leave comments about the programs that were installed by the manager. All comments will be visible at the interface of the program installation. This initiative will allow for a little while, whether or not the “reputation” of a particular program.

Compatibility of programs for different architectures
The difficulty in finding programs compatible with 64-bit architecture seems to be in their final days. In version 11.4 of Ubuntu, we implemented a feature that will allow the installation of programs that were originally developed for the x86 (32 bit). This improvement in compatibility, extending the list of applications available for the end user.

Files in the “cloud”
For Ubuntu users, you can create an account on the storage service and sync files. 2 GB are available for free on Ubuntu One . If the storage capacity is not enough, you can hire more virtual disk space. The synchronization interface has been improved, and more intuitive, you can also connect with email, phone and even integration with the Facebook profile.

Multimedia Player
Banshee 1.9.5 replace Rhythmbox as default player in Ubuntu 4.11. Versatile, the player also allows you to create podcasts, integration with the Ubuntu One Music Store, native support for external subtitles or embedded in the video, among other features.

Firefox 4 is the default browser, but other browsers like Google Chrome or Opera, can also be installed on the system.

Office suite
The LibreOffice 3.3.2 replaces the office suite as official. It is noteworthy that documents generated by the programs, whether in traditional or open standards (. Doc,. Xls,. Ppt). Are supported by equivalent programs on Windows and Mac OS X.

Image Manager
To organize and make minor edits to files, the news is the image manager Shotwell as standard.

The adoption of Linux-based operating systems can be an economical alternative, aiming to reduce spending on licenses. But in addition to free, the system provides stability and security to its users. Besides having periodic updates.

If you want to install on your PC, the column-strip questions already addressed this issue previously . The steps are the same, but we must be careful to create backup of important files. You can also install the system on a virtual machine (VirtualBox, VMware). Another alternative is to use Wubi , through it you can install Ubuntu using Windows itself.


Program allows parents to monitor children on Facebook without being seen

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Software tracks suspicious activity to send alerts to parents. 38% of young people ignore friend requests from parents on Facebook.

The security company on-line “Check Point” released on Tuesday (26) a program that allows parents to observe their children on Facebook without being connected to them in social networks.

The application “SocialGuard” examines the user profile on Facebook, as messages and requests for friendships, and uses an algorithm to identify potential bullying, sexual innuendo, talking about drugs, violence or suicide. The program runs invisibly and tracks suspicious activity to send alerts to parents. According to the makers, parents need not have an account at social networking.


“The goal of the software is to protect adolescents from social threats, while protecting the privacy and promotes open communication,” said Bari Abdul, vice president of the “Check Point”.

The software also checks whether the contacts of the teenagers on the Internet are lying about their age or if strangers are trying to be their friends on Facebook. The company cited research that indicates that 38% of teenagers ignore friend requests from parents on Facebook. The program is available at the company for $ 2 per month or $ 20 per year.


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