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Man is accused of involvement in the invasion of computers from Sony

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A man from Arizona State in the United States, was arrested and charged on Thursday (22) for allegedly being involved in the invasion of computers from Sony Pictures Entertainment. In the event, more than 37 000 users had stolen data.

Cody Kretsinger, 23, city of Tempe, is accused of conspiracy and damage to protected computer. If the two guilty, faces up to 15 years in prison.

It was not immediately disclosed if Kretsinger hired a lawyer.

Image used by Lulzsec

Image used by Lulzsec


Computers Sony Pictures has been committed in the period between late May and early June 2011. The anonymous members of a group known as Lulz Security said they were responsible. The organization said it had access to more than 1 million accounts, but Sony says that 37,500 users had personal information stolen.

Kretsinger is the first person arrested in the United States does or has done part of LulzSec.The group was combined with other hackers scandals involving government institutions and companies around the world, officials say.

According to the indictment, Kretsinger stole confidential information from Sony and passed them on to other members of LulzSec. The group published the material on its site.

Sony launches music service in the cloud for Android phones

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Music Unlimited lets you save files without downloading them.
Service has more than seven million songs.


Sony announced on Thursday (16) the launch in nine countries of Music Unlimited service, the Qriocity, a system for distributing music online for mobile phones with Google’s operating system, Android.

The new service, which has more than seven million music allows you to save files in the cloud, without having to download them. The service was already available for the Sony devices such as PlayStation and notebooks.The company announced that access to the Music Unlimited will be done through a mobile application that can be obtained from the Android Market store.

The service is available starting this Thursday in Spain, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand and the United States, and will soon be extended to other countries, but still no definite date, according to agency Japanese news “Kyodo.”

Sony confirms attack on the digital platform Movies

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Group says hackers stole more than a million passwords.
In April, the Japanese company suffered a major attack on the Playstation network.


Sony has suffered a new attack by hackers.This time, the affected branch was the platform of digital movies “ attack, which had already been claimed by the group “Lulz Security”, was confirmed in an official statement of the Japanese group on the night of Friday (3).

“Cybercrime which affected Sony and a number of government agencies, businesses and individuals during the last months also affected by Sony Pictures. A group of hackers called ‘LulzSec’ said to have invaded some of our sites,” says statement.

The attack happened on Thursday. The group of hackers announced that he had stolen more than a million passwords, IDs, email and other site data “Sony

In early April, groups of hackers stole data from more than 100 million users of its various departments. The main attack took place in the network of online games to the PlayStation .

In a statement this Friday, the company said it took steps to prevent future invasions.


Sony last factory reopens paralyzed because of the tsunami in Japan

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Sony resumed on Monday (30) partially operations at its facility in Tagajo, located in Miyagi Prefecture (northeastern Japan) and one that had yet paralyzed by the effects of the tsunami on 11 March.

The reopening of this plant is that the ten units that the Japanese group had to stop because of the disaster are now active, detailed sources quoted by Sony’s local branch “Kyodo.”

The facility began producing Tagajo new Blu-Ray, while waiting for the production of magnetic tapes is resumed in late July, the sources said.

The plant, which before the disaster had 1,400 workers, also manufactures optical components and electrodes for lithium ion batteries, but that production is expected to transfer to another place Miyagi or other provinces.


After earthquake and hacker attacks, Sony has three years of injury

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Sony ended the fiscal year on March 31 with a net loss of 259.6 billion yen (U.S. $ 3.2 billion), higher than the loss of £ 40.8 billion yen from the last fiscal period. The damage was concentrated from January to March, when it was 388.8 billion yen (U.S. $ 4.7 billion). In the same quarter of 2010, the company recorded 56.6 billion negative.

Revenue fell 7.8% in the quarter, the same basis of comparison to 1.58 trihões yen ($ 19.3 billion). By closing the third consecutive year in the red, the consumer electronics giant announced the expected return to profit in the current fiscal year.

The company announced on Thursday (26) the estimated profit of 80 billion yen ($ 975.6 million) for fiscal 2011. For this, it has the sales recovery of flat-screen televisions, computers and games.


“Sony is taking forward initiatives for structural change to increase profitability through various cost reduction programs,” the company said.

The latter loss, the largest in 16 years , was registered in a period of challenges, the company was damaged by natural disasters in Japan and the successive attacks by hackers on online network of PlayStation games.

Sony estimates the costs related to security breach online at 14 billion yen ($ 173 million). The earthquake’s impact on sales was estimated at 22 billion yen ($ 270 million).

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