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How to get FREE Google Adwords coupon worth $75 ?

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Here i will teach you that how can you get free adwords coupons worth $75 !

What is Google Adwords?

Google AdWords is Google‘s main advertising product and main source of revenue. Google’s total advertising revenues were USD$28 billion in 2010.[2] AdWords offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, cost-per-thousand (CPM) advertising, and site-targeted advertising for text, banner, and rich-media ads. The AdWords program includes local, national, and international distribution. Google’s text advertisements are short, consisting of one headline consisting of 25 characters and two additional text lines consisting of 35 characters each. Image ads can be one of several different Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standard sizes. (Source:wikipedia)

So, here is the trick to get it for FREE

Just go here –

How to secure your server from PHP Shells!

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Adding these things in ur php.ini  file will protect your server from execution of  Shells

disable_functions = php_uname, getmyuid, getmypid, passthru, leak, listen, diskfreespace, tmpfile, link, ignore_user_abord, shell_exec, dl, set_time_limit, exec, system, highlight_file, source, show_source, fpaththru, virtual, posix_ctermid, posix_getcwd, posix_getegid, posix_geteuid, posix_getgid, posix_getgrgid, posix_getgrnam, posix_getgroups, posix_getlogin, posix_getpgid, posix_getpgrp, posix_getpid, posix, _getppid, posix_getpwnam, posix_getpwuid, posix_getrlimit, posix_getsid, posix_getuid, posix_isatty, posix_kill, posix_mkfifo, posix_setegid, posix_seteuid, posix_setgid, posix_setpgid, posix_setsid, posix_setuid, posix_times, posix_ttyname, posix_uname, proc_open, proc_close, proc_get_status, proc_nice, proc_terminate, phpinfo,system,passthru,shell_exec,escapeshellarg,escapeshellcmd,proc_close,proc_open,ini_alter,dl,popen,popen,pcntl_exec,socket_accept,socket_bind,socket_clear_error,socket_close,socket_connect

safe_mode = On
register_globals = Off
display_errors = Off
allow_url_fopen = Off
allow_url_include = Off
enable open_basedir(set it to webroot path)

How to write invisible on twitter

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Hello everybody, I’m here to teach you, how to write a message on twitter with nothing, or completely invisible.
You can show to colleagues and friends.

You only need to write this on twitter: ­ ­

Get Rid Of Facebook’s New Photo View Mode

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Facebook afresh formed out a new photo eyewitness which they say “makes it simpler and faster to cross photos”. The account of the new photo eyewitness is the actuality that no new pages are loaded even if the user angle assorted photos on Facebook.

Facebook’s new photo eyewitness has acquired absolutely the altercation a part of Facebook users with added than 2200 mostly abrogating comments about it. There are some that like the new appearance of the photo eyewitness while the majority does not like its appearance at all to say it mildly. When there is altercation there is usually a workaround about the next corner.

There are in fact a few things that Facebook users can do to get rid of the new photo viewer. From chiral workarounds like reloading the web page (hit f5 in the browser) to Ctrl-clicking (or middle-clicking) the photo to accessible it in a new tab so that the new photo eyewitness is baffled to userscripts like the Facebook Photo Theater Killer.

The userscript basically replaces the new photo eyewitness on Facebook with the old eyewitness that is still accessible. It is about not bright if Facebook will accumulate the old photo eyewitness up and active indefinitely. The userscript will breach the moment Facebook disables the old photo viewer. For now, it is alive perfectly.

The Greasemonkey Software for now offers the alone automated band-aid to anticipate the aperture of photos in Facebook’s new photo viewer.

The Software is accordant with Firefox if the Greasemonkey add-on is installed in the browser and Google Chrome if the Tampermonkey addendum has been installed.

Users should see no assurance of the new Facebook photo anymore afterwards the Software has been installed. Previous versions of the userscript showed the new eyewitness for a breach additional afore the old photo eyewitness page was loaded.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users can download and install the userscript from its page.

Install the javascript from here:

Adding XSS Alert To Your Orkut Profile

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Hello Friends just got a trick to add xss to your orkut profile and wanted to share with you all people!

1.first of all download this file:

2.Then edit both the files rahul.txt and rahul_ka_xss.xml which you have downloaded from above link.

3. Then go to

and click  ’New’ then upload the rahul.txt file

4. Open rahul_ka_xss.xml and replace all the old  links with your new one.

5. Then upload the .xml file too in and get the .xml link.

6.Then go to and sign up there.

7. Then you will redirect to main page , then click “edit” under Apps and put your .xml link and add it.

8. Then go to new orkut->then click profile tab-> then

9.Done..and it will only work in New Orkut!


And if you need an example that it is working or not

then visit my profile using new orkut


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