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Accused of causing panic with Twitter may face prison

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Teacher and presenter would have spread rumors of kidnappings. 
Rumors have caused accidents and overloading the emergency phones.

A man and a woman from Veracruz, Mexico, could face 30 years in prison on charges he caused a panic with the help of Twitter, according to the “Guardian”. The newspaper said the two had been using Twitter to spread rumors that an armed man was attacking the city’s schools.

Panic caused by rumors would have caused several car accidents – since their parents ran toward the schools – and overloaded lines of emergency phones.

Twitter Home Page

Twitter Home Page

“There were 26 car accidents and people also leave their vehicles in the streets and ran to fetch their children because they thought their children were at risk,” said Gerardo Buganza, Secretary of State of Veracruz, the “Guardian”.

The two accused are the professor Gilberto Martinez Vera and radio presenter Maria Jesus Bravo Pagola, the newspaper said. The prosecution alleges that Vera posted several tweets saying that an armed man was abducting children in schools in the region of Veracruz.

Lawyers for the two say they were just rumors that they had seen playing on the Internet.

New edition of the Oxford English Dictionary includes the word ‘retweet’

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“Retweet ‘is the term used to pass a message on Twitter. 
New edition of the dictionary brings 400 new words such as ‘cyberbullying’.

The words “retweet” and “cyberbullying” were published in the latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. The 12th edition of the publication contains 400 new words, among the 240,000 that make up the dictionary.Some of these new terms were removed from the internet and social networks. In addition to “retweet” (pass a message on Twitter) and “cyberbullying” (to use the Internet to intimidate), the Oxford dictionary has added the term “sexting” (send sexual messages by phone). The new terms were entered into a database of two billion words pulled from Web sites and texts to prove their omnipresence.“The dictionary has always been thus produced. We took all possible evidence to prove that there is only a small group of people who are using a particular term, “said Angus Stevenson, editor of the dictionary. In August is celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Oxford Dictionary “Concise”, a version smaller and derived from the official publication. To celebrate the anniversary, the 12th edition of the dictionary was published with over 240 000 words.

The Oxford Dictionary 'Concise' celebrates 100  years this August

The Oxford Dictionary 'Concise' celebrates 100 years this August


In 2010, the centennial year of Aurelio Buarque de Hollanda, the dictionary of the English language edition has also gained a more “technical” , with words taken from the digital world, such as “e-book”, “tablets”, “pop-up” . The issue also brought verbs like “tweet” and “blogging”, and nouns like “fotolog”, “blue tooth”, “blu-ray disc” and “Blu-ray player.”

Creator of Twitpic launches social networking service similar to Twitter

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Reason would have been ‘change’ due to the creation of the microblogging service photos. 
Twitpic to lose users because of the use of photos on Twitter.

The founder of Twitpic photo service, used by Twitter users, Noah Everett launched a social network called Heello , very similar to microblogging. The reason for the creation of the site would have been a “change” due to the release of photos of the Twitter service, a competitor to Twitpic.

The Heello is very similar to Twitter, including microblogging format, with users posting short texts of up to 140 characters. However, instead of tweeting, you “ping” (ping, in English) are retweet the “echo” (echo, in English) and instead “follow” a person in Heello, the user “listens “(listen in English) your friends.

Heello, the social network that looks like  Twitter

Heello, the social network that looks like Twitter


The creator of the social network still has Twitpic integration with Twitter and Facebook, allowing Heello and publish posts to make them appear automatically in the other two services. Everett told VentureBeat that the site will support videos Heello, transfers of places (check-ins, Foursquare and in service), SMS messaging, mobile applications and channels to act as the “lists” of Twitter.

Everett has not announced what will be the business model that Heello to compete with Twitter, will have to overcome the 200 million social network users.

Twitter prepares automated ads for major clients

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Twitter Logo

Twitter Logo

Twitter is negotiating with major advertisers and will soon allow them to adapt, automate and run ads in mass microblogging, according to two sources familiar with the matter. The company will soon offer an application programming interface (API) that help advertising agencies to produce large volume of ads in Twitter. Access to the API, Twitter plans to start using in the fourth quarter, will be offered initially as a test, involving limited number of partners. The ruling could boost business advertising on Twitter to open the doors to large agencies, online marketing that rely on tools to produce ads run on sites like Google and Facebook. “This will create more opportunity for advertisers to participate in the market. At the moment, we need to contact a dealer “before publishing an announcement on Twitter, one source said. The company created five years ago is taking steps to accelerate its revenue in a period in which its market value is high and growing expectation for you to follow in the footsteps of LinkedIn and Groupon with an initial public offering of its shares. According to a recent report in “New York Times’ Twitter wants to raise $ 400 million in capital, based on a valuation of $ 8 billion to its market value.

Twitter has less security than other sites, experts say

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Hacker published the account of Fox News that Barack Obama was dead. 
To prevent attacks, Web site should offer two-factor authentication, and password.

Twitter is providing fewer tools to assist in the security of user accounts that other internet services, experts said. The poor security was evident on Twitter Holiday Independence of the United States on July 4, when a hacker sent false messages in Twitter page of Fox News claiming that Barack Obama was dead. The Secret Service, responsible for the security of the president, is investigating the matter. Fox News said he was unsure how the hacker got control of your account, but complained that Twitter needed more than five hours to return control to the company. “What Twitter needs to do now is to commit to a full review of their security practices, “said Daniel Diermeier, professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Double Authentication

Experts say the attack could have been avoided if the Twitter offer two-factor authentication technology to provide security to the accounts. In this system, a user must provide a second source, besides the fixed password to access the account. The code changes every minute and is sent to a phone or other electronic device. Google and Facebook are offering a two factor authentication to confirm the identity of users. Security experts said that Twitter may be down soon to do the same.


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