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New Facebook include integration with music services

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Facebook released new features that address the way in which users listen to music and watch TV, offering tools and services like Hulu Spotify as an attempt to integrate social media to your network.

The funds were announced on Thursday (22) during the annual conference for developers of Facebook, f8 , San Francisco, its chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg has the network news  media during f8

Mark Zuckerberg has the network news media during f8

For Facebook, a further integration of music, movies and other media at your service makes it more likely that users spend more time on site, allowing the company to generate more advertising revenue.

The change comes at a time when Facebook is facing competition from Google, which launched in June a social networking service competitor, Google +.

Another application allows users to hear the same music as their friends in streaming services like Rhapsody and Spotify.

New edition of the Oxford English Dictionary includes the word ‘retweet’

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“Retweet ‘is the term used to pass a message on Twitter. 
New edition of the dictionary brings 400 new words such as ‘cyberbullying’.

The words “retweet” and “cyberbullying” were published in the latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. The 12th edition of the publication contains 400 new words, among the 240,000 that make up the dictionary.Some of these new terms were removed from the internet and social networks. In addition to “retweet” (pass a message on Twitter) and “cyberbullying” (to use the Internet to intimidate), the Oxford dictionary has added the term “sexting” (send sexual messages by phone). The new terms were entered into a database of two billion words pulled from Web sites and texts to prove their omnipresence.“The dictionary has always been thus produced. We took all possible evidence to prove that there is only a small group of people who are using a particular term, “said Angus Stevenson, editor of the dictionary. In August is celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Oxford Dictionary “Concise”, a version smaller and derived from the official publication. To celebrate the anniversary, the 12th edition of the dictionary was published with over 240 000 words.

The Oxford Dictionary 'Concise' celebrates 100  years this August

The Oxford Dictionary 'Concise' celebrates 100 years this August


In 2010, the centennial year of Aurelio Buarque de Hollanda, the dictionary of the English language edition has also gained a more “technical” , with words taken from the digital world, such as “e-book”, “tablets”, “pop-up” . The issue also brought verbs like “tweet” and “blogging”, and nouns like “fotolog”, “blue tooth”, “blu-ray disc” and “Blu-ray player.”

New version of Firefox is released one day before the date

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Download Firefox 6 can be done by the manufacturer Mozilla FTP. 
browser company says is 20% faster than previous version.

The release of Firefox 6, new version of Web browser, will have its official launch on Tuesday (16), but the manufacturer has already provided the installation file of the program on Monday (15).

The download is free and can be done in versions for Windows , Mac and Linux .

Firefox 6, according to Mozilla, is 20% faster than the previous version, the application load time was reduced and the computer can determine whether users want to carry their teams to start the browser or downloading them within the tool Panorama grouping.

Firefox 6 is now available for download

Firefox 6 is now available for download

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Twitter Launches the “Follow Button” For Websites

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The company said button helps to know new people on Twitter.
About 50 sites are already with the new button.


Twitter launched on Tuesday (31) the button “Follow” or “Forward”, in Portuguese, which allows the user to follow pages, companies and individuals with one click. The button is present in about 50 sites and Twiter forecast is that this number will increase in coming days.

Sites that feature button allows the user to discover and follow celebrities, athletes, reporters, according to Twitter. By clicking the button the first time, the user must confirm your username and password and accept the terms of service.

Users interested in entering the button “Forward” on their websites or blogs, they must access the configuration page of Twitter .


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