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Bing search results will be integrated into Yahoo in Europe

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United Kingdom, France, Spain and Italy will change. 
Sponsored Results still with Yahoo.

Bing will provide Yahoo search results  in Europe

Bing will provide Yahoo search results in Europe

Yahoo will discontinue its search service in Europe from this Wednesday (3). The results of research conducted on the site will be provided by Bing, Microsoft, according to the site SearchEngineWatch. Will change the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

According to the website, the change shows that Yahoo could not be competitive against Google in the country and that even with Microsoft taking the search, Bing will struggle to compete with Google.

Sponsored results of the searches will continue to be made by Yahoo, keeping the service used by Yahoo Search Marketing companies.

In August 2010, Bing went on to provide the result of searches made on Yahoo in the United States.

Facebook must pass Yahoo in the lead in online advertising

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The advertising revenue from Facebook in the United States will reach $ 2.2 billion in 2011, taking over Yahoo and snapping up the largest share of online ad market looks.

This recipe will give Facebook a market share of 17.7% in visual advertising on the Internet in the U.S., according to a report released Monday by research firm eMarketer.Last year, this figure was 12.2%.

The figures show the growing trend of Facebook, the largest social network in the world.The company saw its market value rise to about $ 80 billion of recent transactions of its shares in the private market and some investors anticipate that Facebook can make an initial public offering (IPO, its acronym in English) as early as next year.

Although Facebook has grabbed the lead, eMarketer analyst David Hallerman said the overall market for online advertising, including so-called banner ads, sponsorships and promotional videos for websites, is growing robustly as to benefit several companies.

“This is not a game with a score of zero,” Hallerman said, asserting that the market for visual advertisements on the Internet is registering a rapid growth as both large international and small local businesses are using the Web to reach consumers.

Internet companies like Yahoo, Google and Microsoft are competing for these advertisers, as new competitors, as the company’s collective buying Groupon offer alternatives for online dissemination.


Hack Yahoo accounts with Session Hijacking

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What are session IDs or session cookies ?

Whenever a user sign into his/her account for eg yahoo/gmail/hotmail, it generates a unique piece of string.

One copy of it is saved on the server while the other is saved in the browser of your local computer. Both are compared and cross checked whether they match or not everytime you perform an action with your account.

This unique piece of string or login session is destroyed whenever you click the ‘Sign Out’ button basically referred to as cookie.

For a practical demonstration about cookies visit or & paste the javascript (1) described in link below in the address bar of your browser and click “Enter”. You would get a small pop up showing up some content.Now login to your account & repeat the action again,you would see more elements added to the cookies. These are nothing but sessions ids .

Note:- Session Hijacking is nothing but stealing the cookies. Sessions are stored in the browser in form of cookies.

An attacker can steal that session by convincing the victim to run a piece of code in browser. Attacker can use that stolen session to login into victim’s account without providing any username or password.

This attack is very uncommon because when the victim clicks ‘Sign out’, session gets destroyed & attacker
too also gets signed out this way.

But in case of yahoo, its not the same. The attacker doesnt get signed out when victim clicks ‘Sign out’. Though the session automatically gets destroyed after 24hrs by yahoo. Just in case if the user simply refreshes the windows in yahoo account, he gets sessions renewed for next 24 hrs.

This means, once the yahoo account session is stolen , attacker can access the account for life time by refreshing window in every 24hrs.

What is required?

1)You basically need a host to upload your contents. You can sign up for a free hosting at

2)Download the following files that will help you hack the account :

How to do it?

1. Sign Up for an account at any free webhosting site. For eg

2. Login to your account and go to file manager. Upload the four files that you have just downloaded. Make a new directory ‘cookies’ there

3. Give this code javascript (2) described in link below to your victim and convince him to run it in his browser while he was logged in to his/her yahoo account.

4. Once the victim runs the script, yahoo.php file containg the cookie stealing script captures the cookies and hacked.php executes the stolen cookies in browser(stolen cookies get stored in directory ‘cookies’). On the other end, your victim would again
be redirected to his/her yahoo account.

5. Now open the file hacked.php(If it asks for password enter password) and click on the username link on the left hand side and it would take you to inbox of victim’s yahoo account without asking for the id or password.




Link where account logs will be saved who runs the javascript:
password for login: Password

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